Hoge’s Heroes: Former High School Wrestler Absolutely Levels Subway Customer Assaulting Employee

Karma can be a cruel master, as this violent dude at an Indianapolis Subway restaurant found out when he was spitting at and assaulting an employee. Unfortunately for him, former high school wrestler and football player Gabriel Pitzulo happened upon the scene, and what occurred next was a flawless takedown and subsequent restraining maneuver. Pitzulo, now working as a welder, was able to hold the bad guy until police arrived.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch:

Pitzulo’s perfect tackling technique, along with his A+ wrestling hold, deserve some sort of trophy.

It all went down in late March when Pitzulo stopped by Subway to get a sandwich:

He jumped into action:

It turns out that his heroic athleticism isn’t the only good part of this story; what the former high school grappler said in interviews afterward was equally impressive.

Well said, young man, well said. One thing he also revealed: his father was a professional cage fighter. Now that certainly makes sense in retrospect, doesn’t it?

Hopefully, perps like Saunders will think twice the next time they decide to spit on and harass innocent workers.

See more of Pitzulo’s story in his interview with Fox News:

This is one in a series about everyday heroes that don’t necessarily make the front pages. It’s a chance to talk about something other than Joe’s rantings, bloated budgets, and war in the Middle East.

Original article from Redstate

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