Seth Meyers Panics: Biden Risks Losing to Trump without Ceasefire in Gaza

NBC’s late-night host Seth Meyers is panicking over the prospect of a Trump victory in November, saying that President Joe Biden’s failure to make good on his promise of a ceasefire in Gaza is alienating Democrats in key swing states.

Seth Meyers noted that Biden made that very promise during an appearance on Late Night in February — and that there’s still no ceasefire.

“[Voters] are understandably upset Biden keeps claiming he’s frustrated with Netanyahu’s handling of the war, while simultaneously sending more weapons to support that war against the wishes of a majority of Americans,” Meyers said on Wednesday’s show.

He then brought up Biden’s promise of a ceasefire, which the president made while wolfing down an ice cream cone.

“I remember him saying that because, despite my best efforts, I was standing right fucking there,” Meyer said.

The comedian proceeded to lecture Biden for his failure to live up to his word.

“You’re the president. You can just say, ‘No more funding. No more weapons.’ You can call for a ceasefire—that’s what a majority of Americans want, including the tens of thousands of Democrats who are registering protest votes in key battleground states.”

Meyers appeared to be referring to Michigan and Wisconsin, which both have large Arab and Muslim populations that supported Biden in 2020. But those voters are furious over Biden’s Israel policies, with many casting protest votes during the primaries.

The movement, dubbed #AbandonBiden, is gaining major traction among young, woke voters of all races who are vehemently anti-Israel and, in some cases, pro-Hamas.

“There must be an immediate lasting ceasefire and the safe return of all hostages,” Meyer said. “That’s the loud and clear message of these protest votes, and Biden must listen, otherwise he’s at risk of losing to someone whose presidency was a [complete disaster].”

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