Biden Gives Confused Answer, Loses It on Reporter When Asked About Abandoning Israel

Joe Biden finally got around to doing some real work on Friday after what one would have to call a very, very light week on his public schedule.

He had the Easter Egg Roll on Monday. He had nothing on the schedule on Tuesday. On Wednesday, he was an hour later to some brief remarks on healthcare with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). He still had the CPAP marks on his face when he finally showed up around noon, so some believed he had overslept. Then, on Thursday, all he had was a reception later in the day for Greek Independence. Does he actually do any real work if he can oversleep and not show up for an event until noon?

But on Friday, he was going to Baltimore for a quick trip to see the damage to the Francis Scott Key that collapsed after it was hit by a cargo ship. He’s going to meet with federal and state personnel, first responders, and families of some of the people who were killed. He’s supposed to take an aerial tour and will deliver some remarks. Unfortunately, the last time he gave remarks, he told a tall tale about traveling across the bridge many times by train and car. Except that it has no rail lines, so that was something that had no basis in reality. 


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As he was leaving, one reporter was able to get in a question, asking Biden if he threatened cutting off military aid to Israel. 

“I asked them to do what they’re doing,” Biden replied. 

And that means exactly what? Is it too much to expect the alleged most powerful leader in the world to provide a coherent answer? 

A Reuters correspondent tried to fill it in for Biden. 

“Israel opened up additional ways to get aid to Gaza earlier after he told ⁦@netanyahu⁩ US policy could change,” the correspondent noted. But that’s a surmise because Biden was unclear. They should be holding his feet to the fire to get clarity and real answers. 

Biden also never actually answered the question asked — if he threatened to pull their military aid when he was threatening a change in policy and calling for an “immediate ceasefire.” It’s so disgusting that just as they are about to wipe out Hamas, Biden pulls this switch and is essentially helping Hamas. 

He then shuffled off but stopped and got angry when a reporter dared to ask if he was “abandoning Israel.” 

“Where are you from?” Biden demanded. Translation: How dare you challenge me with reality? “Is that a serious question?” he asked. Yes, it is, when that’s exactly what he appears to be doing. Of course, he doesn’t answer it. 

After the stop in Baltimore, he will be off to Wilmington for yet another weekend vacation. 

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