New Survey Shows Exactly What the 2024 Election Will Be About

The 2024 general election is in full swing and the presidential candidates are making their case to the nation. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are duking it out on the campaign trail as Americans decide which candidate they will support.

A new Economist/YouGov poll’s findings revealed precisely what the 2024 election will be about. The survey showed that regardless of which side one is on, this race is all about Trump.

Researchers found that about 67 percent of Trump supporters are mostly voting for the former president. Among Democrats, about 52 percent indicated their votes will be against Trump.

The findings suggest that Trump is the primary focal point of this race – and this trend will likely not change as the campaign slogs along. 2024 is about the persona of the Orange Man What Is Bad™ possibly even more than policies.

The poll’s findings related to voter enthusiasm are also quite telling. About 35 percent of Biden’s supporters said they were “extremely enthusiastic” about voting this years. This is compared to 44 percent of Trump supporters who indicated the same. This suggests some serious challenges for the Biden campaign in galvanizing a base that is more driven by opposition to the former president than passion for Biden.

Another poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal highlighted Trump’s commanding showing in the electoral battlefield. It had Trump leading Biden in six of the seven most competitive states. The former president’s numbers are being fueled by “broad voter dissatisfaction with the national economy and deep doubts about Biden’s capabilities and job performance,” according to the report.

To make matters worse, Biden is losing oodles of support among key demographics: Black and Hispanic voters.

Of course, one does not need polls to understand the current political landscape. In fact, former President Barack Obama appeared to recognize this reality when he advised Biden to make this election a referendum on Trump rather than his own selling points. The harsh truth for Democrats is that Biden has little in the way of selling points given his performance during his first term.

As I pointed out in another piece, this strategy probably won’t be as effective as Democrats hope, but it’s the only one Biden has.

If the 2024 election is about Trump, then it will be quite interesting to see how the race shakes out. It definitely seems to indicate that Biden’s path to reelection might not be as easy as Democrats would like it to be. Ginning up enthusiastic voters is not a possibility for the president. The left’s only chance of retaining the White House lies in scaring the public into voting against Trump and his evil band of “MAGA Republicans.”

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