WATCH: Alleged Anarchists Climb Up 250-Foot Crane and Attach Themselves to Stop ‘Cop City’ in Atlanta

There have been a lot of bad anarchist actions over the years, but one of the ongoing places continues to have issues from activists agitating against what they call “Cop City” in Atlanta. 

“Cop City” is a facility that is being built in the woods to help better train police. You would think that people would want better-trained officers. But what many of these characters truly want is no police. There has been all kinds of violence and arrests at the site over the past few years as activists occupied the area trying to stop the project from being built and clashing with law enforcement. One of their members allegedly shot a cop and was shot to death in response. Many have been rounded up in a variety of actions, and 61 were indicted in September for conspiracy to stop the training center. 


But what the alleged anarchists tried this week was truly nutty, and there’s video showing just how much. The police used the term anarchist. 

According to the police, two of them climbed up a 250-foot crane and attached themselves to it. You can see they have duct-taped and chained themselves to the structure. You can’t tell what’s under the duct tape from the video, but generally, in other actions such activists use PVC piping. 

The people cutting them loose are concerned that they might try something further, I think, that’s why you hear them saying that it’s not a good idea to fall off and snap their necks. They also advise these two characters about their buddies chanting below that they love you but that it isn’t love to put you in that kind of danger. “If they loved you, they wouldn’t have you 100 feet up in the air,” one of the rescuers said to them. “Love is safety, love is caring, love is kind. It’s not love to fall backwards down there, it’s instant death.” 

Good points, but when they look like this, I’m not sure any of that sense is getting through. 

When they’re willing to do something like this, you know something is not right there. Plus, none of their actions are stopping the training center from being built. 

Meanwhile their actions put all those other folks who had to go up to rescue them in danger and take them away from other people who might truly need help. Some suggested on X that the best response to such people is to leave them there for a day or two and that would likely stop such actions. 

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