WSJ Remembers the Anniversary of Russia Detaining Writer Evan Gershkovich; Biden’s Reaction Falls Flat

It’s been one year since Wall Street Journal journalist Evan Gershkovich was arrested by Russia on false espionage charges. 

Read: Biden Admin Reacts to Russia Holding US Journalist Evan Gershkovich

On Friday, his employer put a blank space on its front page to memorialize the one-year anniversary of the actions by Putin that led to the American writer’s imprisonment. Likely to make sure the message got as wide an audience as possible, Caitlin Ostroff, one of Gershkovich’s WSJ colleagues, shared an image of the publication on X early this morning: 

She wrote: 

There was also a rare joint statement from Congress marking the date of “his baseless arrest,” and condemning his “unjust imprisonment” by Vladimir Putin’s regime. 

This bittersweet and timely post–as we near the end of the Lenten season–by another WSJ colleague noted that he was arrested just before Passover in ’23:

Meanwhile, the Biden White House, as usual, released a flat, boilerplate statement:

It reads, in part:

This brief and lackluster statement from Biden rings hollow. His communications team clearly felt the need to throw something out there to appear that they were doing something or give a crap about an American being held captive overseas.

They don’t, and we know this because of how the administration is turning away from supporting Israel and its fight to destroy Hamas in the wake of the terror group’s attack on Oct. 7. It’s likely the only way the kidnapped Americans the terrorists are holding in Gaza will ever see freedom.

The administration that can’t even stand with our ally Israel, when the UN condemns it, can’t expect anyone to take its words seriously on this.

Some might counter by asking what the WH should have done instead. Off the top of my head, since the publication’s post went up on X nearly three hours before someone in the West Wing sent out Biden’s milquetoast statement–repost the WSJ front page photo. But when have those folks ever done things the easy way?

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