White House Forbids Kids From Using ‘Religious’ Symbols/Themes In Easter Egg Contest

Joe Biden is fond of talking about being a Catholic, but he seems to have forgotten the meaning of the holy day of Easter. 

Perhaps to him, it’s just that day when the Easter Bunny has to chase him around to prevent him from getting lost and saying something stupid. 

This year, they’re holding an Easter egg design contest for the children of National Guard members. The theme is supposed to be celebrating National Guard families. But, guess what is forbidden in the designs? Any religious mention of Easter on the egg. 

The rules for the contest state that an Easter egg design submission “must not include any questionable content, religious symbols, overtly religious themes, or partisan political statements.” 

But it’s a religious holiday and you’re not supposed to be the government stomping on religious expression? So maybe that’s a problem?

Except if they’re Joe Biden’s White House discriminating and telling you not to put any religious design on the egg, that’s apparently okay. 

It’s a weird contest too, because they’re not just picking the winner, they’re having an adult take the design and have it “brought to life” on the egg. So you’re not even displaying the child’s own work. Nice job there too, White House. 


Now they may not want to display anything that appears to be endorsing a religion. Even then, they should have constructed this as something that doesn’t come across as forbidding religious expression. But that’s the Biden team, just a complete mess when it comes to doing the simplest of things, including just recognizing the Easter holiday. 

This is the same White House that managed to have a topless transgender activist at the White House during a pride event, but you won’t let kids reference religion during an Easter celebration?

Now they have people upset that they are forbidding religious expression on Easter, in addition to making everything more expensive to celebrate the holiday. 

Great job, again, Joe Biden. 

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