‘A Pre-War Era’: Poland Issues Dire Warning About Peace in Europe

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has issued a dire warning about the future of Europe after Russian forces continued their bombardment of Ukrainian targets.

In an interview with Spain’s El País newspaper, Tusk called on Europeans to accept the reality that they are now living in a “pre-war” era as Russia appears to be gaining an upper hand in the conflict: 

Tusk, a former EU leader who became Prime Minister last December after forming a post-election coalition against the conservative Law and Justice Party, argued that Europe must become much more self-sufficient with regard to its defense spending.

Unlike Joe Biden, Trump has repeatedly warned that the U.S. will not continue to foot the bill for Europe’s defense, something that has caused concern among regional leaders. However, Tusk appears to be coming to terms with this reality: 

Musk’s comments come less than a week after a Russian missile entered Polish airspace, prompting Warsaw to activate F-16 fighter jets in what he described as a “troubling incident.”

Poland shares a border with Ukraine of over 535 kilometers (about 332 miles) in length, placing it at the greatest risk of conflict should Putin expand his aggression westward. 

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