Biden Slurs and Makes Bizarre Remark on Baltimore Bridge Collapse, Then Reporters Get Tossed Out

We reported earlier on the horrible Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse that was precipitated by a cargo ship hitting it early Tuesday morning. Two people were rescued from the water, but there were reportedly six construction workers still missing at the last update. 


NEW: 2 Rescued After Baltimore Bridge Collapse; Sonar Detected Multiple Submerged Vehicles

UPDATE: NTSB Holds Briefing on Baltimore Bridge Collapse, Survivor Released From Hospital

Now Joe Biden has weighed in on the bridge collapse, slurring throughout his remarks. He said that eight were still missing. He said it was an accident, and there was “no other indication” that it was anything other than an accident at this point. 

He said the search and rescue would continue and that the federal government would pay for the cost of reconstructing the bridge. 

But he said something truly bizarre in the process. He said he’d traveled over the bridge “many many times commuting from the state of Delaware either by train or by car.” 

Yet, there was no rail line over the bridge. Once again, Biden seemed confused. It seemed to be Biden’s effort to try to place himself on the bridge. It’s something he commonly does to pander to whoever he’s talking about. But if he thought it had a rail line, he clearly had never been on it.

Then Biden also had some trouble with the teleprompter.

Biden said he wasn’t going to take any questions and that he would be going to visit Baltimore as soon as he could. 

Chances that he will visit faster than the people of East Palestine? It took him more than a year to do that.

He was also confronted about throwing Israel under the bus by not vetoing the UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire. A reporter asked about Israel’s decision to cancel a meeting in D.C. as a result. Biden didn’t want to answer that question, which his staff likely had not prepared him for. 

He then wandered out as the staff told the reporters to get out. They didn’t want him answering questions and he booked it out of there pretty fast. 

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