California Crazy: City Reportedly Fining Homeowners for Out of Control St. Patrick’s Day Mob Vandalism

California folks are used to seeing insane actions by our local and state governments because a lot of what they do is just plain bat guano. Authorities in Malibu arrested a lone paddleboarder during the COVID crisis—that should tell you all you need to know about some of the folks in positions of power in the Golden State.


Today’s California Crazy entry comes courtesy of a relative of mine who lives in San Luis Obispo, a picturesque central coast California city known affectionately to its locals as “SLO.” (Slow as in “not fast”—not S, L, O.) Some crazy partiers took it a little too far on St. Patrick’s Day as thousands went wild in the streets, vandalizing homes and businesses. Twelve arrests and 189 citations were issued Saturday. 

We’ve seen this type of thing before; it’s unacceptable, but it’s not unprecedented.

Many of the partiers were reportedly students from Cal Poly who destroyed campus property, among other things:

But here comes the crazy part: some SLO homeowners are reporting that they’re being issued fines for partying and vandalism citations, even though they didn’t participate in the melee and actually tried to stop it. From SLO’s “The Tribune”:


Another student hasn’t been hit with a fine yet but was also unable to keep the crazed mob out of her house:

Some students are saying that many in the mob were not actually from Cal Poly. “Most of the kids that were breaking stuff were not residents,” said first-year student Wan Roothman. We’ve seen that before, where outside agitators come in and make it seem like the locals are bad guys. 

Young people get a bad reputation from stories like these, but in reality there are still plenty who are productive members of society but don’t make the front page:

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California does some crazy stuff, but authorities need to fix this—pronto. It’s so deflating to continually see miscreants get away with everything while law-binding incidents are punished. The Tribune editorial board summed it up perfectly:

That, and security needs to be revamped next year. This should not have been allowed to happen in the first place, and preventative measures and law enforcement postings need to be put in place. Until then, the vandals need to be identified and brought to account—not the innocent residents who had nothing to do with it.

I’m not holding my breath—because this is California Crazy.

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