Nolte: Majority Say Media ‘Enemy of the People,’ Parrot Biden Talking Points

A clear majority of Americans agree that the media are “truly the enemy of the people.” That includes 30 percent who strongly agree and 30 percent who somewhat agree.

Only 36 percent disagree.

Yep, the American people are getting red-pilled.

Among black voters, 49(!) percent agree the media are “truly the enemy of the people.” Even 41 percent of Democrats agree. This number should truly worry the corporate media: 61 percent of those aged 18-39 agree. No age group polled higher. The media’s future customers are already on to them.

For those wondering why a majority see the media as the enemy of the people, allow me to explain it this way: they believe that because the media are the enemy of the people. How else are we to look at an institution desperate to censor us, mutilate our kids at the altar of their trans gods, replace us with illegal aliens, open the prisons, meddle in elections, disqualify our candidates from appearing on a ballot, and encourage the assassination of our candidates.

How else are we to look at the people behind this:

The media hate Normal People. The media lie to us. Therefore, the media are our enemy. Always have been. Some of us have been telling you that for decades. Some of you didn’t listen. Sounds like you’re listening now.

Rasmussen Reports also asked these same 1,114 likely voters between March 18-20 the following: “How likely is it that the major news media’s political coverage is dictated by talking points from the Biden campaign?”

Get a load of this…

63(!) percent say it is “very” (42 percent) and “somewhat” (21 percent) likely the media parrot the Biden campaign’s talking points. Only 29 percent disagree. Only 29 percent!

Among black voters, an astonishing 59 percent agree that Biden’s campaign talking points dictate the media’s political coverage, as did 67 percent of young voters (18-39), and 50 percent of Democrats. Democrats!

In other words, the media are no longer fooling anyone.

Rasmussen also polled on the Bloodbath Hoax. More amazing numbers… Even in our 50/50 country, a clear plurality of 49 percent understood the correct context — that Trump used a well-known economic term (“bloodbath”) to describe the economic turmoil His Fraudulency Joe Biden is creating in the auto industry with his environmental superstitions.

VIDEO: Fake News Freakout! Leftist Media Hoax over Trump’s “Bloodbath” Comment… What Did He Actually Say?

Only 40 percent say they believe Trump’s “bloodbath” comment pertained to widespread political violence.

Eight–maybe even four–years ago, that number would have been a statistical tie. In the past, Trump generated so much hate that half the voting population didn’t care about the truth. They just wanted to believe the worst about Bad Orange Man. The fact that the number against him with the “bloodbath” comment is only 40 percent tells me the anger is not what it was. It also tells me the media cannot manipulate people into the same kind of anger they could in 2016 and 2020.

Good heavens, only 46 percent of black voters say they believe Trump was threatening violence, while 37 percent agree with the economic context. In the past, that number would’ve been 70/30 against Trump.

This is a very different year from 2016 and 2020.

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