WaPo’s Latest Deranged Attack on Trump Proves You Don’t Hate the Press Enough

Deranged attacks on Republicans are to be expected in any election cycle. Whoever is running for office at the time is the new “worst ever” in the press’ eyes, and with Donald Trump back on the ballot, they are ramping things up to absurd levels. 

The Washington Post’s latest attack on the former president is so insane that it could pass for parody, and it truly proves you don’t hate the press enough. You think you do, but you don’t.

Donald Trump invited his extended family to Mar-a-Lago in the mid-1990s. As the clan gathered at the palatial Florida estate, though, his father was badly struggling, according to Mary L. Trump, Donald’s niece.
Fred Trump Sr., the pugnacious developer then in his late 80s, didn’t recognize two of his children at the party, recalled Mary L. Trump, who attended the gathering. And when he did recognize Donald, the family patriarch approached his son with a picture of a Cadillac that he wanted to buy — as if he needed his son’s permission…
…Today, as the 77-year-old Trump seeks to return to the White House, he is still focused on the ravages of dementia — but this time he is using the condition as a political weapon, alleging without medical proof that President Biden, 81, is “cognitively impaired.”

The fact that Mary Trump, a partisan Democrat who has long been trying to make a name for herself in political circles, seeded this story to the Post is disgusting. Imagine throwing your long-deceased uncle under the bus for the short high of being quoted in one of the nation’s premier birdcage lining producers. Are there no boundaries anymore? Did it never occur to Mary Trump that some things aren’t worth it? 

That never dawned on her. What didn’t dawn on the rest of us is how Donald Trump’s father is relevant to the 2024 election. Is he running for president from beyond the grave? And how exactly does his story do anything to excuse Joe Biden’s clear and present senility? 

I’ve seen deflections before, but this takes things to a new low. Attacking a candidate’s deceased father to try to protect a president who thinks he’s running for Congress? 

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How is it news that Fred Trump couldn’t remember his children in the mid-1990s, but it’s not news that the guy running for re-election to the White House doesn’t know what office he holds? I’d also suggest this scary scene where Biden had to be directed through a door, almost smashing his face, is far more noteworthy than anything concerning Donald Trump’s father.

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The Post had time to do a deep dive into a man who passed away in 1999 but can’t be bothered to report on the current president’s daily mental and physical foibles. Worse, the piece sprinkles in suggestions that Biden is just fine. You see, while the author speculates that Donald Trump might end up with dementia, the guy who currently can’t walk through a door alone has a doctor who says he’s fine. Case closed, I suppose. 

It’s clear what the Post is trying to do here. Fred Trump is not relevant to any political discussion except to claim that his condition means his son will suffer the same fate. Of course, Donald Trump’s father would have been around 90 years old at the time of the story told in the article. The former president is 77 years old.

Most importantly, though, dementia is largely not hereditary

The majority of dementia is not inherited by children and grandchildren. In rarer types of dementia there may be a strong genetic link, but these are only a tiny proportion of overall cases of dementia.

In other words, the Post decided it’d be a great idea to trash Trump’s father publically, publicizing a sensitive, irrelevant family issue, based on a premise that isn’t even true. How depraved does someone have to be to do that? And to do it as a cheap political ploy to defend Joe Biden? It’s sick.

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