Bernie Moreno: ‘We’re Going to Get the America First Agenda Done’

Republicans are going to “get the America First agenda done,” Bernie Moreno, who won his primary race in Ohio on Tuesday, said during his victory speech.

Moreno — who defeated both State Sen. Matt Dolan (R) as well as Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose in the Buckeye State’s primary race for Sen. Sherrod Brown’s (D) Senate seat — said he can finally focus on taking down Brown and the Biden agenda. But over the next seven months, Biden will try to “recapture that extreme position in order to keep his base, so who knows what they’ll do, but it’s gonna be a tough next seven months,” Moreno warned before offering a positive outlook, predicting massive victories for the America First movement come November.

“We’re going to win this race in November. We’re going to retake the United States Senate. We’re going to have President Trump in the White House. We’re going to get the America First agenda done,” Moreno declared.

Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump embraces Senate candidate Bernie Moreno at a campaign rally Saturday, March 16, 2024, in Vandalia, Ohio. (Jeff Dean/AP)

“What does that mean? Let me give you five things we’re going to do. Number one, we’re going to have a safe and secure border where people only come into this country legally,” he began, also pointing to gaining back energy independence, restoring law and order, reforming federal agencies, and protecting children in schools against leftist indoctrination.

He said:

We’re never going to ask another country for energy because we’re going to be an energy-dominant nation. We’re gonna do massive reform of our three-letter agencies to make certain that they understand spying on Americans is unacceptable. … We’re gonna restore law and order in this country, aren’t we? Absolutely right. And then, for you parents out there that are sending your kids to school and you’re sick and tired of the schools indoctrinating your kids, by the end of next year, the Department of Education is gone.

“And by July 4, by July 4 of 2026, we’re going to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the greatest nation on the face of the earth,” Moreno said, predicting that “when we have that celebration, we’re going to talk about how freedom and liberty is back.”

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