Keith Olbermann Suggests ‘Hope’ for Trump’s Assassination on Social Media

Former MSNBC bomb thrower Keith Olbermann is taking heat for posting to social media his apparent hope that Donald Trump would be assassinated.

The shrill, extreme leftist jumped to his X account on Saturday and replied to a Joe Biden campaign post which featured a video of a segment of a speech Trump recently made in Dayton, Ohio.

The “Biden-Harris HQ” post of the video was captioned: “Trump says he has been treated worse than Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated.”

To that, Olbermann responded, “There’s always hope.”

There’s always the hope

— Keith Olbermann⌚️ (@KeithOlbermann) March 16, 2024

The left-wing screedist was immediately blasted by replies to his post calling for the assassination of someone with whom he has a political disagreement.

Olbermann’s slobbering left-wing social media posts get him in trouble a lot.

Last September, he was panned for calling liberal HBO host Bill Maher a “scumbag” for opposing the Hollywood writer’s strike.

In August, he made himself look incredibly small by telling championship swimmer Riley Gaines that she “sucked” at swimming.

And in February of last year, he demanded that blue states launch an “economic civil war” against red states.

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