‘Hoax-Making in Progress’: You Know Biden/Media Are Panicking With Latest Fake Story Pushed About Trump

I have a basic rule of thumb: Any time you hear a wild story about former President Donald Trump where the media is claiming he said something/did something outrageous, wait 48 hours, and then the spin or the truth on the matter will be revealed. 

We’ve seen the fake stories before, like the “fine people” hoax. Joe Biden is still spreading that lie to this day when he talks about his reasons for running for office. 

On Saturday, you could watch the making of a hoax in real time. In the latest fake story that the media, the Biden campaign, and their fellow travelers are pushing about Trump, we don’t even have to wait that long, as the lie is obvious from the in-context video. 

Here’s one of the main accounts that started spreading the b.s. out-of-context edited video. It has more than 13 million views and it’s still up, without correction. 

The Biden campaign also spread the video as well as this deceptive statement. 

Other useful idiots, like Bill Kristol, jumped aboard, spreading this absurd lie, saying that you had a “moral and civic obligation to vote against him (he later edited his tweet to remove the video). 

ABC, CBS, Yahoo, and NBC then all jumped aboard the propaganda train. Here’s a sample — the only one in there that was honest in the title was The Daily Beast.

But the folks saying it correctly were few in a sea of those who went with the fake narrative. 

The problem here? Trump was talking about it being a “bloodbath” for the auto industry if Biden won because of his EV insanity. Here’s a longer clip that shows the context. 

Even X owner Elon Musk took note of what the left/media/Biden campaign was doing. 

But so far, none of the major posts spreading the hoax have gotten a Community Note, so that’s a problem. That is a very helpful system for blowing up such fakery. At this point, the left knows they’re in trouble, so they’re going to go all in against Trump, even with easily debunked lies, because they know there are so many people who will never check or who will just accept the lie. And they have nothing else at this point to help their doddering Biden over the finish line. 

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