Iowa’s Help for Armed Teachers Leaves One Issue Unaddressed

I’ve never hidden the fact that I support teachers being able to carry guns in schools. The truth of the matter is that if violent individuals are going to bring guns in schools, regardless of the laws barring them from doing it, teachers and staff members should have the ability to defend themselves.

Anti-gunners, unsurprisingly, feel differently about the topic.

As a result, they bring up all kinds of pitfalls, most of which don’t bear out at all with reality. They claim the teachers the deify and say aren’t paid nearly enough are also too untrustworthy to be trusted with a gun. The people who we’re not supposed to even begin to doubt in education are people who will flip out at the drop of a hat and start shooting people.

It’s kind of insane.

But an op-ed out of Iowa lamenting the state arming teachers does bring up one particularly valid concern, especially since it’s an issue that’s already come up.

Now, there are other insurance providers out there, but I can’t say definitively that others won’t raise objections.

I’m pretty sure someone out there won’t particularly care if there are armed teachers, or at least won’t be stupid about the whole thing, especially as a number of states have similar programs to the one Iowa is undertaking. None of them have apparently had an issue with insurance.

Yet we also know that the insurance industry is all about mitigating risk. They’re concerned about guns because the media has told every insurance company executive to be concerned about guns. They can’t do much about guns in our homes, but in schools? There they can simply push back and refuse to provide coverage.

Hopefully, these schools will find an insurance provider that won’t be so worried about teachers and staff members who are armed and trained via a state law enforcement-approved program and the schools can proceed.

But this is also the first time I’ve seen anything approaching a legitimate issue brought up by someone opposed to armed staff in our schools.

That’s pretty sad when you think about how long we’ve had this discussion. 

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