Justin Trudeau’s Canada: Proposed Law May Allow Life Imprisonment for Online Speech ‘Crimes’

A proposed law in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Canada will reportedly allow judges to throw adults in jail for life if they advocate for genocide online.

Fox News reported Thursday that the Online Harms Act (Bill C-63) would permit life sentences. The article also said, “The law would also allow a provincial judge to impose house arrest and a fine if there were reasonable grounds to believe a defendant ‘will commit’ an offense.”

After Justice Minister Arif Virani introduced the bill, he said that in his role as a father, he was frightened of the dangers children might encounter online.

Virani also said there were laws regulating the safety of toys but not screens.

Social media users quickly shared their thoughts on the Fox report, one person writing, “Rest in peace free speech.”

Another person levied a criticism of the prime minister, stating, “Trudeau becomes dictator in Canada.”

Per the Government of Canada’s webpage, Bill C-63 was introduced in late February to create the Online Harms Act.

The site said it was a “baseline standard for online platforms to keep Canadians safe—to hold online platforms accountable for the content they host.”

“Bill C-63 will create stronger protections for kids online and better safeguard everyone in Canada from online hate. The bill sets out a new vision for safer and more inclusive participation online,” the webpage continued:

“The proposed Online Harms Act would specifically target seven types of harmful content”:

  • Content that sexually victimizes a child or revictimizes a survivor;
  • Intimate content communicated without consent;
  • Content used to bully a child;
  • Content that induces a child to harm themselves;
  • Content that foments hatred;
  • Content that incites violence; and
  • Content that incites violent extremism or terrorism.

It is important to note that a recent survey found that less than half of Canadians think the plan to regulate social media will result in a safer atmosphere online, CTV News reported Wednesday.

When the polling firm Leger asked respondents about the Online Harms Act, half “said they are wary of the government’s ability to protect free speech, and a majority said they support the controversial proposal to introduce stiffer sentences for hate speech crimes,” the article stated.

In 2019, Trudeau told his ministers to come up with legislation to curb so-called “hate speech” online, Breitbart News reported at the time.

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