There Might Be a New Wave of Anger Concerning the Latest COVID Development

Someone found this gem, which led to Donald Trump getting torched in the media: he compared COVID to the flu. In the first few weeks, that might have been dubious, but ever since the Omicron wave, maybe even before that, this virus has veered toward being treated as an infection commonly seen with the seasonal flu. The vaccine was a red flag of sorts. It wasn’t the bulletproof vest that the experts advertised. Americans who got the vaccine still got sick—much like those who take the flu vaccine. It reduces the risk of dying or a hospital trip; that’s the benefit. It’s one that the public has accepted for generations. With COVID, however, the proverbial gun got shoved in our faces with mandates and threats of termination from the workplace.  

The latest CDC revisions to COVID protocols should spark a new wave of fury directed at the medical experts who hauled us into a bunker and kept our kids out of school. After all the panicking that encouraged and shared by the media about this virus, the new treatment recommendations align with other common respiratory illnesses. You also don’t need to isolate for five days anymore (via WSJ): 

The flu still kills tens of thousands of Americans each year. Infections annually soar into the millions. COVID is now an endemic virus that will continue to infect millions. Some deaths will occur, but like the flu, we’ll come to live with it—most of us have already done so. Of course, the doctors quoted in the WSJ piece had to add that COVID is not the flu, but still:

 Again, they say this, though the new treatment protocols are virtually a carbon copy for flu infections. 

‘COVID is not the flu, but you should follow the guidance for those infected with…the flu.’

You can see how this doesn’t line up in most voters’ minds because it doesn’t. We’re also sick of the scare games. This thing ended months ago. It’s not like people were isolating for days if they got infected. 

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