Look Up ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ in the Dictionary, and You Will Find Bob Costas

When I first happened across this story, I thought, “Bob who?” Turns out Bob Costas was once a prominent sportsball correspondent, which I didn’t know, but he’s now in the news for the colorful things he had to say about former president and current GOP candidate Donald Trump, which I do know. I also know that he is suffering from one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome imaginable.

Bob, I haven’t seen that you’ve made any legitimate criticisms of Donald Trump. He does have some, shall we say, advice for the Biden team:

Bob, Bob, Bob – what ongoing insanity? Energy independence? A southern border that was under control? Low inflation? That insanity?

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Look, Bob, nobody is saying that Trump is perfect, or that we shouldn’t criticize any political figure when they’ve got it coming – say, for instance, a senile, befuddled president with a penchant for sniffing little girls and whose administration has presided over the biggest explosion of illegal immigration in our history while, oh by the way, ushering in crushing inflation and turning our energy independence back into energy dependence.

Criticism, though, should have some specifics, some discussion of policy and issues, something, anything beyond going red in the face and shouting “Orange Man BAD!”

Bob Costas, he of the botched Botox, (there’s probably a lesson about vanity in there, Bob) is emitting so much hot air that he should probably be expecting an angry phone call from the Doom Pixie for causing climate change. But Trump supporters don’t much care what he has to say; the main run of Republicans, in fact, doesn’t care much he has to say, and plenty of folks have forgotten who he was – or, like me, never knew who he was in the first place.

My advice to Bob Costas is this: Stick to sports reporting; you clearly are not mentally or emotionally suited to comment on politics.

Here’s the full TDS interview in all its glory:

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