AOC, Cori Bush Step in It Big Time After Accusing AIPAC of ‘Exploiting’ Hamas Rape Victims

The evidence is overwhelming that the sadistic tactics Hamas terrorists used against the Israeli women and girls they brutalized on October 7th included rape, torture, and burning them alive.

We know this not just because Hamas documented their barbaric savagery, but also because some of the terrorists later admitted under questioning that their intent for the women and children they captured was to “dirty them, to rape them.”

On Wednesday, the Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel submitted a deeply disturbing report to the United Nations detailing their findings on the atrocities committed against women and girls by Hamas terrorists, not just on the day of the attack but afterward during captivity.

The full report is too graphic to quote here, but this was the abstract summary:

The report finds that the Hamas attack included brutal acts of violent rape, often involving threats with weapons, specifically directed towards injured women. Many rape incidents occurred collectively, with collaboration among the perpetrating terrorists. In some cases, rape was conducted in front of an audience, such as partners, family, or friends, to increase the pain and humiliation for all present. Some Hamas members pursued victims who escaped the massacre, dragging them by their hair with screams. The majority of victims were subsequently killed during or after the sexual assault. Several testimonies, interviews, and additional sources indicate the use of sadistic practices by Hamas terrorists, aimed at intensifying the humiliation and fear of sexual abuse.

The incidents, they went on to note, were not one-offs but instead were part of a “clear operational strategy involving systematic, targeted sexual abuse.”

Once the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) got word of the report, they took to the Twitter machine and called out the Squad’s anti-Israel ceasefire proponents by name, noting that a ceasefire would keep the Hamas “rapist monsters armed and in power”:

AIPAC is throwing weight – and money – behind some of the Squad’s 2024 primary opponents, the latter of which have made the Israel-Hamas war a central part of their campaigns.

As one would expect, being reminded of what they in effect support with their calls for a ceasefire did not sit well with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who accused AIPAC of employing an “appalling” and “horrific” strategy by tagging female lawmakers who were sexual assault victims in their post:

It is appalling that AIPAC is targeting women members of Congress who have survived sexual assault with this horrific rhetoric.
Each and every day, their role in US politics becomes a greater scandal.
They are the NRA of foreign policy. Of course they don’t want a ceasefire.

Oh yes, it’s such a “scandal” that anyone, PAC or otherwise, would remind the Squad that their words and actions have serious consequences for others.

Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.), too, huffed about the tweet, also using the “appalling” buzzword, and – incredibly – accused AIPAC of “exploiting” Hamas rape victims:

As a survivor of rape, AIPAC’s tactic of exploiting rape is outright vile and appalling.
Their playbook relies on bullying, lying, harassing, belittling & intimidation to try to manipulate the public & force those calling for a ceasefire into submission. It won’t stop us.

Keep in mind that Cori Bush was and is a card-carrying member of the radical Black Lives Matter organization, a Democrat-supported left-wing group whose whole MO is “bullying, lying, harassing, belittling & intimidation to try to manipulate the public & force those [who disagree with them] into submission.”

Note that there was no mention of the Hamas rape victims in AOC’s tweet or Bush’s. Instead, their responses, predictably, were screechy, self-centered and focused on saving face while deflecting from the very serious subject matter.

In fact, it was almost like Bush and AOC were trying to make themselves out to be the bigger victims, which come to think of it is about par for the course.

If there is anyone “exploiting” rape here, it is the AOCs and Cori Bushes of this country who are using it, just like they’ve used their gender and race cards, as a way to insulate themselves against legitimate criticisms, and as a shutuppery tactic against their critics.

It won’t work.

I’m sorry that some members of the Squad have been sexually assaulted, but that in no way justifies them trying to use their experiences as a way to shield themselves when some of the policies they advocate could potentially turn more women into victims.

Some final thoughts from Israeli author Hen Mazzig:

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