Steve Doocy Delivers Brutal but Important Comment About Joe Biden’s Tripping Problem

As we reported on Tuesday, Joe Biden had a bit of a bad day with yet another slip/trip on the stairs going up into Air Force One as he was leaving for California. 

This was despite having the short stairs where he didn’t have to go up a lot of steps. Yet he still had trouble, and almost took a header, and then had another slight trip. 

When even the short stairs aren’t short enough. you might have a problem. 

But then Fox’s assessment of the situation added another level of embarrassment for Biden. When Fox starts reporting on how they’re having to dress Joe Biden because of his issues, it enters into the bizarre.

The report noted that Biden seems to have more difficulty in dress shoes, so they’ve been dressing him in sneakers. But he was wearing the dress shoes when he tripped on Tuesday. 

That was on top of having a Secret Service agent by his side to help prevent a real header, according to another report. 

“Can’t somebody just carry him up the stairs??” “Fox and Friends” co-host Steve Doocy said, only half in jest, I think, as the Fox panel discussed the problem. The panel laughed at that. 

But how embarrassing is that? Is that enough to convince Jill Biden or any of his handlers to get him out of there? 

Apparently not, since they appear to have no shame and no bottom, and they don’t seem to want to do anything to end this. 

Yes, Doocy makes a brutal comment, but it’s also important because it’s honest about the fact that there’s a problem. So much of the media wants to turn a blind eye to this or try to put a spin on Biden’s problems to defend him. But this is where we are at now with Biden and that’s a scary proposition that he can’t even walk up or down the stairs without potentially having an issue. 

What must our enemies think when they watch all this, when this guy is supposed to be the leader of the free world and wants people to vote for him in 2024?  And you wonder why bad actors all around the world are getting ideas and are getting out of hand.

How can you rely on this guy even now, much less four years from now, when he has so many issues? When he can’t even be prosecuted because he can’t even remember when he was vice president, according to Special Counsel Robert Hur? How could anyone honestly vote for this? 

Donald Trump Jr. summed it up well. 

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