Wanna End Crime in America? Prominent Civil Rights Attorney Says Just ‘Change the Definition of Crime!’

In commemoration of Black History Month, race-baiting MSNBC predictably aired a special titled “Black Men in America: Road to 2024.” 

In one segment of the special, a group of black men including MSNBC contributor Charles Coleman Jr., race-hustler Al Sharpton, and civil rights attorney Ben Crump, discuss police brutality and the criminal justice system while casually playing pool. 

Crump, a prominent civil rights attorney, suggests that the U.S. justice system creates laws “to criminalize black culture” and that crime could be eradicated if they “change the definition of crime.”

No, really. Here’s more of Crump’s brilliant logic:

They come up with things to profile us for. I believe this with everything in my heart — we can get rid of all the crime in America overnight, just like that, and people ask, ‘How, Attorney Crump?’
Change the definition of ‘crime.’ If you get to define what conduct is going to be made criminal, you can predict who the criminals are going to be. … They made the laws to criminalize our culture — black culture.

Hang on, Mr. Crump. Last time I checked, murder, rape, armed robbery, kidnapping, extortion, et al. are crimes —whether committed by white people, black people, purple people, or glow-in-the-dark people. What have I missed?

Perfect solution! 

Wanna eliminate rape? Just change the definition of “rape.” Wanna eliminate child molestation? Yup, just change the definition of “child molestation.” How ’bout murder? You got it — just change the definition of “murder.”

Legal scholar and political scientist Dr. Carol Swain called Crump’s race-baiting blather “ludicrous.”

We need laws to be obeyed, and we need a public that’s informed. And under no circumstances should we redefine crime so that it isn’t crime. Are we going to redefine murder? Are we going to redefine rape? No, we don’t want to go down that path.

Dr. Swain is of course dismissed by the radical left, her number-one “sin” being she’s a black conservative, which is intolerable to liberals because, in their twisted minds, the color of her skin dictates that she should be required to live on the liberal plantation — where all liberals live, regardless of skin color.

Swain continued, explaining how low-information people are indoctrinated.

What he is saying is false, it’s problematic, and it will lead to the loss of black lives. Unfortunately, people who are not well-educated, or people who have been indoctrinated with Marxism, they will believe him, and that will be unfortunate for America.
The argument that the crimes that Black Americans and maybe other minorities are being arrested for, that somehow these are biased, somehow targets them, I think it’s ludicrous. In fact, there are some things that they are not being arrested for that I would arrest them for.

See why the radical left disdains Dr. Swain?

Swain ended on a positive note — except about Ben Crump.

There are people in every community that are out there working to try to reduce Black crime, working to try to change our neighborhoods. But unfortunately, they are undermined by the likes of Benjamin Crump.

Game, set, match.

The Bottom Line

Ben Crump is not the Lone Ranger of race-hustling rhetoric and misinformation about justice in America and its purported disproportionate impact on black communities. From MSNBC’s race hustler extraordinaire Joy Reid to ABC’s “The View” co-hosts Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg, the list is long.

Dr. Swain’s explanation of the thriving race-hustling industry was spot-on: “Not-well-educated,” indoctrinated people believe crimes for which black Americans are arrested are “biased” and somehow “target them.”

The likes of Ben Crump, Al Sharpton, Joy Reid, Sunny Hostin, and Whoopi Goldberg will enthusiastically lead that parade as long they can get away with it.

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