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Nate Silver Drops Truth Bomb on White House for Trying to Hide Biden’s Cognitive Decline

Statistician and writer Nate Silver now says he “crossed the Rubicon” in November about Joe Biden running for reelection, suggesting that the besieged president should “stand down” if he’s incapable of running a normal reelection campaign.

Haley to Deliver Big ‘State of Race’ Speech Tuesday, Speculation Already Running Wild

That immediately set people to question whether this might finally be Nikki Haley calling it quits, rather than being badly embarrassed in South Carolina, whose primary is almost upon us.

Real Estate Investor Grant Cardone Says He Won’t Invest in NY, Will Double Efforts in Red States

Cardone said his team will double their efforts to find real estate properties in several red states, including Florida, Texas, and Tennessee. 


Today on Capitol Hill…

With the House and Senate out on winter recess, we can expect another relatively quiet day on the Hill — at least officially. (Unofficially, the intra-party squabbling continues apace.) 

‘He’s a Loser’: Nancy Mace Strikes Back at Kevin McCarthy After Insult

Gaetz Celebrates CNN Article Alleging He’s Driven Away GOP Members of Congress, ‘I Love This’

White House What’s Up

President Biden travels to Los Angeles on Tuesday for several fundraising events

President Joe Biden will return to Los Angeles Tuesday to begin a California fundraising swing.
According to the White House, Biden will be in California from Tuesday to Thursday, visiting Los Angeles, San Francisco and Los Altos Hills to take part in “several political engagements.”

Full Court Press…

Tuesday is the deadline for Special Counsel Jack Smith to file his response to the Trump team’s application to the Supreme Court to stay the D.C. Circuit Court’s decision denying Trump’s claim of absolute immunity in the election interference case. 

It’s also the day lawyers for Julian Assange are set to argue against his extradition to the U.S. before the High Court in London. 

And the Supreme Court will be hearing oral argument in two cases: Corner Post, Inc. v. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (regarding whether a claim under the Administrative Procedures Act accrues when the rule is issued or when it first causes Plaintiff a legal wrong or adverse effect) and Bissonnette v. LePage Bakeries Park St. (regarding whether Wonder Bread truck drivers are exempt from mandatory arbitration under the Federal Arbitration Act) — you know, sexy stuff. 


Sixty-two years ago today, John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth while aboard the Friendship 7. 

I actually met Glenn once. Had to have been the early-to-mid 90s, while he was still serving in the Senate. He spoke at a private gathering at a friend’s aunt’s house. Knowing me as the political junkie I was, my friend invited me to attend with her. I don’t remember much about the event other than he seemed pleasant and engaging. I was a Democrat then, so largely agreed with his politics. Obviously, that wouldn’t be the case now — still, I expect, in some ways, we’d find more common ground than he and some of the present-day fringe of his party.


(A little Lone Star levity)

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