Maximum Cringe: Biden Posts Video of Bringing Chicken to Black Family in Incredibly Awkward Video

Joe Biden’s polling has been pretty bad. The American people don’t rate him highly, particularly on things like the border and the economy. 

So we saw him trying to execute this incredible Orwellian flip on the border, pretending as though he’d always called the border situation a crisis and it’s just been the mean, evil Republicans who have stood in the way of his efforts to provide us border security. When you see that, you know how bad the polling on the subject that his team is seeing must be.

But Biden is also in trouble losing people from groups that he needs to get votes from, if he’s going to have a chance. He’s losing young folks on the left over his position on Israel, James Carville reported he was losing voters everywhere because of it.

He’s also reportedly losing black voters. We noted this back in astonishing polling back in  November. At the beginning of January, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) said he was “very concerned.” 

So on Jan. 18, Joe Biden visited with a black family in North Carolina, a swing state he needs to win but is behind in to former President Donald Trump, according to the polls.  He brought them food from Cook Out.

He posted an account of it the following day with a still picture, noting the father Eric benefitted from student debt relief. 

I don’t think it sends the message Biden thinks it does when it’s going around the decision of the Supreme Court and leaving out the people who had paid their student debt or didn’t go to college or grad school. The student debt relief action is clearly an effort to try to convince people to vote for him, but I think it backfires.

Then on Monday, he posted a truly cringeworthy video of the exchange. Biden is known for cringeworthy videos, but this one has to rank up there as one of the worst. 

Welcome to the Pander Zone.

“It’s great to spend time with Christian and Carter and discuss their involvement in their community and schools,” Biden (or his intern) posted. 

It’s so awkward, like Dad brought home someone from work who doesn’t know how to interact with the family. 

He brought chicken strips from Cook Out to a black family. Can you push anymore of a stereotype?  But Biden made sure to say he had a hamburger for himself. When he said that, I noticed the eye reaction of the older son Christian. 

I have to hand it to the kids, they came across as natural and tolerant with having to deal with the awkward old guy in their home. Biden seemed astonished that Christian went to a business-oriented high school. 

Here’s a thought for Biden: The reason you’re in trouble with black people is the same reason you’re in trouble with everyone else. You’re terrible across the board on so many issues, including the border and crushing people with Bidenflation. How about doing the job you’re supposed to do to defend the security of the country and not driving up prices by overspending? Then you wouldn’t be losing the voters. But apparently he prefers a little pandering. 

People looking at the video thought back on Biden’s long history of questionable racist comments including things like the “you ain’t black” comment if you didn’t know to vote for him and his 1970s comment about not wanting his kids to be raised in a “racial jungle. Something tells me most people weren’t falling for this pitch. 

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