Bill Maher Hilariously Skewers Leftists Who Whine About America With a Little Reality

Bill Maher may still suffer from some TDS, but he has a great clarity of thought when he’s pinning down the left over their whining and their wokeness. Plus, he’s also one of few comedians who is still funny, when others have become so unfunny pushing their propaganda. 

But as our sister site Townhall observed, Maher had a great “New Rule” segment on Friday’s “Real Time” show, “America: Love It or Leave It” where he took on a lot of the left’s whining about America and just masterfully skewered them. 

Maher pointed out a video from a progressive who wanted to run for office but then posted a video of how she wanted to figure out how to get out of this country. The host pointed out how there is some disconnect there, when she says she wants to be elected to a leadership position in a country she wants to leave. 

Maher says yes, there are problems in the country. He said maybe the problem isn’t the country, but “the entitled whiners who have no idea how good they have it.” Then he went after the 59 percent of “self-identified liberals” who say there have been times when they have considered leaving America for good. He laughed at that, saying they “want so bad to have every immigrant come to this country” but “somehow it’s so terrible, you want to leave?” 

Maher hit on the long list of hypocritical celebrities who “swear they’ll go” if some Republican like Donald Trump, whom they don’t like, gets elected. But then they don’t, and he mocked them for it, including Miley Cyrus and Eddie Griffin. He notes Eddie Griffin said in 2016 that if Donald Trump won, he was moving to Africa. “Apparently very slowly because in Trump’s four years, he only got as far as Van Nuys.” 

Then he notes all the various crazy people on TikTok who say things like the “new American dream is to leave,” and a guy who says he “escaped” America when he was 18. As Maher noted, the wall that people talk about wasn’t built to keep anyone in. What a sage remark that is, when you compare America to other countries on this point. 

He laughed about the New Republic writer, who wrote about the “vulnerable minorities who want to flee America, including the author, a gay man trapped in the dystopian homophobic hellscape that is New York City.” 

That’s when he brought up the small problem with all of this kind of thought. Yes, we have issues. And we certainly have people trying to drive the country into chaos. But most of the people who have this “want to flee” attitude have no idea what they would face elsewhere or how lucky they have it here by comparison. 

He points out to the gay writer, that in Burundi, the president just called for stoning gay people and that, in multiple other countries, you can get the death penalty for being gay. “And in Uganda, oh, they don’t just give you a ticket for parking in the rear,” Maher said. “You can get the death penalty for it.”  

Maher detailed all the things that can get you the death penalty in China. Then there are a bunch of places you can get killed for atheism, and 61 places have “restrictions on women’s clothing, so bring a scarf.”

Then there are all the countries with paramilitary groups that kill government critics in countries in South America. Then there are the arbitrary detentions in those and other countries. Maher noted how that was a little different from “no cash bail.” He advised the people “coming from San Francisco to do their shoplifting at home,” if they were going to Sudan, Nigeria, or Saudi Arabia where they still cut the hands off of thieves. He also cautioned protesters to do that here before they leave too, because in so many places, they might be shot. 

“It also seems like the world is full of suffering, intolerance, and oppression on a scale we can’t even imagine, but that can’t be true because if it was, we’d be protesting it. It must only happen in Israel,” Maher joked. He said you’d find out soon, as he did, that you’ll soon find the flaws living elsewhere as he found during a visit to Amsterdam. 

“Everywhere in the world seems great — when you haven’t lived there,” Maher said. He said he heard Costa Rica was great, but “you’ll also get bitten by a snake on the flight over.” 

In other words, Bill Maher, the classical liberal, is virtually smacking these liberals and saying, wake up to the reality of what you have here, kids, and what you imagine you will find elsewhere isn’t what you think it is. Leftists who throw these fits are being ridiculous, and they’re usually doing it because they can’t get what they want politically so they’re going to take their ball and go away. Just not really.

It’s like the child throwing a fit, “Give me what I want Mommy or I’ll hold my breath until you do.” It, predictably can’t last. It’s the left in a nutshell: let me whine all over TikTok or chant and yell in the streets for the latest leftist cause, in the never-ending leftist attempt to push this country toward chaos. We see all this happening now. So yes, there is that threat about which we need to send up the alarm. 

But Americans have a way of righting the ship. We’re already seeing in the polls, how a lot of this extremism is being rejected–and I think we’re going to see that in the election. People have had enough. 

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