Lana Del Ray Goes Viral Over Handgun Pic

Singer Lana Del Ray isn’t the household name Taylor Swift is, but based on what I’ve heard, she’s clearly the better singer.

Of course, she’s not dating an NFL tight end, either, and getting wall-to-wall media coverage, so if you’ve never heard of it, it’s certainly understandable.

But she still has a sizeable following, to say the least. So why isn’t the media pushing her? Well, I don’t know for sure, but her latest move isn’t likely to endear her to the notoriously anti-gun media.

With a caption that just read, “felt cute,” Del Rey isn’t making a political statement, but she’s also not hiding the fact that she doesn’t have a problem with firearms.

What’s more, it seems she’s spent at least a little time at the range.

Of course, that doesn’t show her actually shooting, but if you’ve got a gun on your hip and you’re at a range, sooner or later, you’re going to run that gun for a little bit at least. Most likely, she’s not nearly as proficient as, say, Keanu Reeves was on that range and therefore wasn’t something she was interested in sharing with the world.

Or she just didn’t want anyone to know just how good she is. It could go either way and, frankly, isn’t any of our business.

A lot of Del Rey’s fans got a kick out of it, though I’m less than comfortable with their humor.

And a few others need to get over themselves.

The majority of her fans, however, seemed supportive. 

Not only that, but it looks like Del Rey might just be good for the Second Amendment as a whole.

Realistically, celebrities and their opinions on guns shouldn’t really matter. They’re just people, most of whom have no real experience beyond what you or I might have. Their experiences and understanding is generally at a fundamental level of most issues, including the Second Amendment.

But too many celebrities would rather tell us how to live, all while they live behind layers of private security in gated communities.

Del Rey, however, wasn’t making a statement, She was just holding a gun, and while some might take issue with how she’s holding it–it does look like she’s got her finger on the trigger, which I wish she didn’t–the big takeaway here is that this is one well-regarded artist who isn’t playing the stupid disarmament game.

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