Biden’s Mumbling Incoherence With German Leader – His Biggest Concern Tells Us About His Priorities

The White House is in crisis mode right now, trying to cover and respond to the report of Special Counsel Robert Hur, which may just have torpedoed any hopes Biden had for 2024. The Biden team and liberal media were just incensed that Hur dared to tell the truth about Joe Biden’s mental state. The White House even demanded that Hur revise the report not to reflect the comment about his mental state. The White House Counsel spokesperson came out on Friday with a pathetic defense of Joe Biden, basically claiming that what the report said about Biden’s mental state wasn’t true. But that’s why Hur didn’t charge Biden. So they can’t have it both ways. 

Biden had to meet with Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany at the White House on Friday. 

He did not do the normal stand-up remarks and presser that you do with a world leader. Instead, all he did was the sit-down photo-op. Likely because that would expose more of his issues. But even for just those couple of perfunctory remarks, Biden had to read off notes and mumbled incoherently through them. 

The fire crackling in the background seemed louder than him. Imagine you need notes just to say what you’re going to be talking about. 

How many notes? Check out how detailed these are just for saying what they’re talking about. 

You can see Scholz looking intently at Biden in this next clip, and you have to wonder what he’s thinking after everything that dropped on Thursday about Biden. Biden said the failure of Congress to support the bill for Ukraine aid would be “close to criminal neglect.” 

He thinks It’s a crime if he doesn’t get what he wants. 

Biden is seemingly more concerned about Ukraine than about our own border. That’s “criminal neglect” — but he’s been cool with that border neglect for three years because it serves the Democrats’ desires of open borders and illegal aliens flooding in. 

Not to mention that Democrats continuing to protect Biden in office also constitutes some severe neglect that puts the country in jeopardy.

Then Biden claimed “Kissinger was right” and tried to quote him, botching it a bit, but saying he said not “since Napoleon has Europe not looked over its shoulder and worried about Russia until now.” Then, he unbelievably claimed credit for improving NATO with Scholz. Then he said something unintelligible and that “they better step up (Congress?).” 

It was former President Donald Trump who improved NATO by forcing the members to contribute more and not have it all be on the U.S. It was under Biden (and Barack Obama) that Russia decided that they could invade Ukraine, not Trump. That was because Biden dropped sanctions on Nord Stream 2 and signaled that things like a minor incursion might not be a big deal. Russia didn’t have these ideas under Trump. 

Of course, Biden doesn’t want to remember that history. Or maybe he can’t remember. But it’s his history of being wrong yet again, as he has been constantly for 50 years. 

Then, of course, he booted out the reporters without answering any questions — because they had a ton of questions. 

Oh, and of course, it’s Friday, so Biden is going off on vacation to Delaware again. 

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