Colorado’s Anti-Trump Lawyer Tells SCOTUS: States Could Legally Void a Candidate 3 Days Before an Election

The lead attorney representing Colorado before the Supreme Court Thursday, arguing to remove Donald Trump from this year’s presidential ballots, admitted under questioning that his rationale could be applied to preemptively invalidate the outcome of an election.

As Breitbart News senior legal contributor Ken Klukowski explained after the oral arguments, CO’s lawyer Jared Murray was ill-prepared for myriad objections to the state’s legal case, even from liberal justices like Ketanji Brown Jackson. One moment highlighted by Klukowski reveals the “danger” of Murray’s reasoning — that even a few days before a national election, a state legislature could bar a candidate deemed an “insurrectionist” from winning the state’s electors in the Electoral College, even if they prevail in the people’s vote.

Read the full transcript of this exchange [emphasis added]:

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