HOT TAKES: Schiff Blows a Fuse at Tucker Explaining His Putin Interview, He Gets Schooled With Huge Ratio

As we reported, Tucker Carlson put out a video on X explaining why he would be interviewing Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Moscow. 

But in truth, he shouldn’t have to explain. He’s a journalist, and journalists interview people. It’s part of the job. You don’t just interview people because you agree with them. Sometimes, you interview terrible people because you may be able to inform people more. 

But folks on the left and in the liberal media blew a gasket, which is sort of quietly hilarious. 

The liberal media flipping out is quite a tell, also. Instead of supporting a journalist’s job, they’re all about attacking Carlson because he frequently questions the Democratic narratives that they often wholeheartedly endorse. As my colleague Brad Slager pointed out, the media doesn’t appear to have a problem with Lester Holt on “NBC News Nightly News” coming out Tuesday evening with his interview with Iran’s ambassador. That was after Holt had an interview with the President of Iran in the fall of 2023.  They don’t have a problem with other journalists who interviewed Putin. 

People on the left have been linked to Russia/Soviet Union for decades. That’s why the left trying to hook the right to Russia is such ridiculous nonsense, not just denying reality, but denying the whole history of Russia/Soviet Union Communist influence. Leftists have been “useful idiots” for Communists and foreign influence for a long time. 

That’s why it was funny when the execrable Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) attacked Carlson using that very word. 

Sounds like an attack on a free press, to me. 

Many on X pointed out how Schiff was censured by Congress for his falsehoods claiming he had evidence of Russia collusion, which he never produced. The censure resolution said he “purposely deceived his Committee, Congress, and the American people.” He should be crawling off into the sunset never to be in Congress again, apologizing to the American people the entire way for the deep damage that he did to the country. But because he has no shame, here he is, even as he is running for the Senate. 

People just leveled him with a huge ratio, including blasting him with more of his falsehoods, such as this one where he said the Hunter Biden laptop was clearly a Russian op. 

This is why he’s particularly mad at Tucker. 

No comment from Schiff on this meet-up?

Oh, and let’s not forget about this episode that one might call “collusion,” where Schiff was perfectly willing to get nudes that he thought Russians were offering on Trump. 

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