Biden Has a Festival of Confusion in Las Vegas, As He Brags About Defying the Supreme Court

Joe Biden was at a fundraiser in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday night. 

I think that’s part of trying to limit his exposure, but the gaffes and the problems still get out. I don’t know what kind of money he hauls in after people listen to some of the things that he says, given that they must realize what problems he has. 

Biden repeats debunked or misleading stories about former President Donald Trump trying to gin up fear to get money and votes. That’s all Biden has, other than a record of failure. He repeated the debunked story about former President Donald Trump  supposedly calling American soldiers fallen in France “suckers” and “losers.” That appears to be part of his standard campaign speech now because facts don’t matter to him. 

I also noticed they’re trying to make him look more interesting at campaign events with lighting behind him. Sorry, guys, it’s not working. This is the second event where I’ve seen such lighting, and unfortunately for the Biden people, trying to make Old Joe more flashy doesn’t cover up the mistakes. 

Biden repeated the false claim that he’d “created” 15 million new jobs when it was people just returning to work after the pandemic and he didn’t do anything to “create” the jobs to begin with. But he had to admit that not everyone was feeling the benefits and progress yet. Hard to feel what isn’t there. 

Once again, he seemed to have problems articulating. This was pretty indecipherable on the whole, despite the teleprompter. 

But this was perhaps the most disturbing thing he said — bragging about blowing off the Supreme Court after it smacked him down on student debt relief. He doesn’t care. “They didn’t stop me!” he says. 

This from the guy who claims his campaign is about “saving democracy” — while he and the people supporting him do everything they can to harm our constitutional republic, ignoring a decision of the Supreme Court and trying to do what they want anyway. 

Biden also claimed it wasn’t costing us anything, just a ridiculous falsehood. 

It costs everyone, and it’s choosing to reward some people while leaving out others and being paid on the backs of those others, including those who didn’t go to college. Biden brags his name will be on it, with a move that amounts to trying to buy votes. 

Biden was also tripping all over his words again. He said, “It droves the economy.” The word is “drives,” Joe. And he didn’t seem to understand that he’d made a mistake. 

Biden continued to trip over his words in this clip where he says he makes no “apologize” for being pro-union. He corrected himself with this one. 

You’re not being “pro-union” when you’re crushing the workers under the boot heel of Bidenflation or killing union jobs by canceling things like the Keystone XL Pipeline. 

Where was this event? Joe seemed confused for a moment about that, and he just kept yelling as he said a high-speed rail line would take you from here to Las Vegas.

You could tell he was completely gone when he got to this comment about Roe v. Wade. 

“Well, Roe v. Wade has taken away a woman’s right to choose,” Biden said. Now that’s confusion. That’s how bad he is at this point, and it’s only going to get worse. 

But in a way, he’s right, although he doesn’t understand it. Roe v. Wade did take away the right of women (and men) to weigh in and vote on legislation regarding abortion, as should have happened from the start. Overturning it gave them back their choice. 

What must voters think when they see things like this? It’s not surprising why his approval is in the basement and why people question his ability to do the job. 

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