White House Taps John Podesta to Succeed John Kerry as U.S. Climate Envoy

White House adviser John Podesta will be the top U.S. climate diplomat when high flying John Kerry steps down this spring and ceases his endless global tours warning the world of impending doom.

“We need to keep meeting the gravity of this moment, and there is no one better than John Podesta to make sure we do,” White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients said in a written statement, shared Wednesday with The Washington PostCNN and The Hill.

“John has — and will continue to be — at the helm of driving the implementation of the most significant climate law in history,” Zients added.

Kerry was instrumental in delivering the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement as Secretary of State under then-President Barack Obama, dedicating his life since to flying around the globe telling world powers, including China, they need to cut emissions.

Kerry, who has served as U.S. climate diplomat for three years under the Biden administration, is now destined for a role on the 2024 campaign.

The 80-year-old told his staff back in January he is now putting all his efforts into getting Biden, 81, back into the White House.

The former presidential nominee and secretary of state will remain in his post until the end of winter or early spring, according to two people familiar with his message.

He congratulated Podesta on Wednesday in a post on X.

“We’ve made historic progress these last three years and I know that, in his new role as Biden’s senior adviser for international climate policy, John Podesta will continue to grow the momentum from Glasgow, Sharm el-Sheikh and Dubai.”

UPI reports Podesta, who joined the Biden administration in September 2022, currently oversees Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, which has devoted billions of dollars to speed the nation’s shift to clean energy, including wind and solar.

Before that, Podesta served as a top climate adviser to former President Barack Obama and was involved in negotiations that resulted in the Paris Climate accord.

Podesta chaired Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and also served as White House chief of staff under former President Bill Clinton.

UPI contributed to this story

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