Netanyahu Boldly Vows to Fight Hamas ‘Alone,’ As Weak-Kneed Biden Bows to Left’s Pro-Palestinian Politics

This article is a study in contrasts between a courageous leader with morals and principles who refuses to back down when the going gets tough, and a weak-kneed politician with no principles or convictions who folds up like a cheap suit when the political winds blow against him.

You can see in the featured image the courageous leader – Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu. The weak-kneed politician is Joe Biden. The difference between these two men could not be more stark.

As was reported on Sunday, the Biden administration is considering slowing weapons deliveries to Israel to gain leverage over Netanyahu and force him to scale back military operations against Hamas in Gaza, which began as a result of the terrorist group’s horrific October 7 attack on civilians inside the Jewish State, in which roughly 1,200 men, women, and children — including infants — were slaughtered.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is quintessential Joe Biden.

As pro-Palestinian and even pro-Hamas protests continued after the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza began, Biden began to waffle in his support of Netanyahu’s war against Hamas — and that waffling has only worsened, as evidenced by the administration’s threat to slow — or even temporarily cut off — the delivery of military assets to America’s Middle East ally. 

As I illustrated at the top, Bibi Netanyahu is not Joe Biden: The Israeli president is ready to “do it alone” against Hamas, if necessary. In an interview with British TalkTV’s Douglas Murray, Netanyahu firmly said:

A nation has to do what it has to do to survive.

In other words, unlike what Joe Biden isn’t doing on our southern border.

Without using Biden’s name, Netanyahu blasted the embattled president for kowtowing to left-wing politics and protests — and then some.

If they cannot stand the heat of public opinion, then we’ll just have to do it alone. We will do what we need to do. This is what Iran is doing without nuclear weapons. Now imagine nuclear weapons. … What does it mean when you have a country that is aggressive and intent and has nuclear weapons? 
They’re very aggressive. And they have a theology, a radical Islamic theology which points them in [a] direction not only of the conquest of the Middle East but of global domination.

Iran is the principal backer of Hamas. 

As my colleague Streiff reported on Sunday, there have been over 158 Iran-backed attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq, Syria, and Jordan since the Israel-Hamas war began. According to the Defense Department, roughly 70 U.S. military personnel have been injured. 

And on Sunday, three American soldiers were killed and scores were injured in an overnight drone attack against a base in Jordan. The White House has placed the blame on Iranian-backed militias.

And, Biden? The president briefly mentioned the attack, during a campaign event in South Carolina — before chuckling, drawing laughter, and saying he wished he didn’t have to leave the event.

Netanyahu stressed in the interview that Israel’s war against Hamas is just one fight in a much broader struggle for the future of global domination — pitting Iran on one side and the Western world on the other. 

I’ve told President Biden — I’ve told all the leaders who came here, ‘This is your war, as well, because this is not merely a minor skirmish.’ This is part of a major confrontation between the moderate axis of Israel and the modern Arab states, against Iran — the terror axis of Iran.
The whole world is now watching. Who’s going to win? They’re sitting in the bleachers, who will win, will Iran win? Or will Israel win? Will they win or will the West win?

Oh, bother, Bibi. 

Don’t you understand that Joe Biden has much more important battles to fight than to worry about a little thing like global domination? Hell yes, he does — beginning with the Devil’s spawn, Hitler-wannabe Donald Trump, MAGA “extremists,” “white supremacists,” and stuff. 

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