Biden Doubles Down on Freak-Out Against Trump, Bizarre Comment Suggesting Son Killed in Battle in France

How clueless are Joe Biden and the White House? 

I don’t know who’s behind his social media accounts right now, but they amazingly posted that crazy Joe Biden freakout about former President Donald Trump. I don’t know who thought that this would look good for Biden, but whoever did should be sacked for having no sense at all. It makes Biden look desperate and, frankly, demented. It almost makes me think he himself might have posted it, because doing so shows incredibly bad judgment, just like saying it did.

What he was saying about Trump has been roundly debunked, but, hey, Biden has shown in the past he doesn’t care about facts — why start caring now? Then again, he talks about his late son Beau as though he was killed in battle in France when in reality he died of cancer in 2015. Truly bizarre and very concerning that anyone in such a position of power would be that unchained from reality. 


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But while Biden tries to attack Trump with an anonymous story for which there were no records or videos that supported it, and it’s been debunked by many people on the record, let’s talk about Biden’s own comments and actions in regard to the military. Can we talk about how he called members of the military “stupid bastards” to their faces on video as he called for them to clap for him? Perhaps his account would like to tweet out this video? 

Then let’s not forget how he reacted when the bodies of the 13 young Americans who were killed during Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal were brought home. According to the families, he kept checking his watch and talking about his son. How disgusting was that? 

On top of that, it’s his failed policies that led to the deaths of those 13 Americans. He failed to plan, despite people screaming for months about the problem. Then he left the military completely exposed, resulting in the bombing. On top of that, he’s denied the families the answers that they’ve asked for about the attack. Trump, on the other hand, met personally with the families and gave them comfort. 


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We’re in a mess now with Iran attacking us through proxies. Proxies, smoxies — it’s Iran, the country Biden has been coddling and releasing money to. We need to start calling it what it is: the Islamic Republic of Iran. Calling it “proxies” has allowed Biden to not do anything effective to stop them. Unlike Trump, he hasn’t had the nerve to hit them where they live by taking out someone like Qasem Soleimani. Trump also improved the rules of engagement, which helped to protect our fighters when they were in Afghanistan, lifting the restrictions that had endangered them under Obama/Biden. That’s showing real concern with action that truly benefited the military and saved them from being killed. 

Now we just had yet another attack, this time with three American soldiers killed and many wounded. What will Biden do? Unfortunately, based on his record, I wouldn’t bet on much. We’re in this spot now because he hasn’t addressed the problem realistically. He thought saying “don’t” would be enough after he’d spent so much time coddling Iran. Is it any wonder they now don’t treat him seriously? 

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