CNN Anchor Just Wrecks Keith Olbermann in War of Words Over Joe Biden’s Age

Anytime Keith Olbermann gets dunked, it’s a good day, and no matter who or where it comes from, we are so here for it.

When last we left you with Olbie, the failed former MSNBC anchor was bizarrely taking cheap shots on the Twitter machine at Outkick Media’s David Hookstead, who skewered Olbermann so badly in response that I was shocked he didn’t angrily threaten to delete his Twitter account again.

This time around, however, Olbermann directed his ire toward CNN anchor Abby Phillip, who in an exchange with some of her colleagues referred to something GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley said about Joe Biden’s and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s respective ages and how Haley was, in Phillips’ view, “smart” to put it the way she did.

It was a surprising comment coming from Phillip, who in the past has made clear she’s Team Biden all the way.  Before we get to Olbermann’s reaction, though, watch the clip below:

It was a rare moment where CNN in its own way was playing the age issues down the middle for a change. But Olbermann, who at times has been the consummate Biden apologist, was incensed and used the segment to declare Phillips’ show an “absolute disaster” in part due to remarks like the ones she made about Biden’s age:

In response, Phillip leveled him, calling him out for being a nasty, irrelevant Twitter troll and urging him to change:

Or, you can come to terms with the reality of your irrelevance and stop being a nasty social media troll. But that’s entirely up to you.

To be sure, CNN on the whole is undeniably a disaster, with ratings languishing in the basement, as my colleague Brad Slager previously documented.

But as to the other “issue” Olbermann brought up, he can huff and puff and get all stompy feet about one of the left’s favorite so-called news outlets daring to further legitimize the age question as it relates to Joe Biden, but he better just go ahead and get used to it because it’s going to be talked about until Election Day. And if Biden wins, it’s going to be talked about a heckuva lot more considering the concerning things we’ve seen him say and do over the last three years.

Trump’s age will be, too. It’s part of what we call “debate and discussion” in America, Keith.  Either get used to it, add something substantive to the debate for a change, or delete your account for real this time, dude. It’s just that simple.

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