Once Again, We Are Struggling to Figure Out What Joe Biden Is Saying

One has to wonder what is going on behind the scenes with Team Biden and the Democratic leadership. 

They know they’ve tied themselves to a very impaired person with very bad approval numbers in Joe Biden. The problem for them is that it’s not going to get any better. And this time, they don’t have COVID to help him hide in the basement and cover-up the problem. I wrote about speculation from a J.P. Morgan analyst that they might pull him after Super Tuesday. But they’d still have to figure out who to replace him with and how to get that person around Kamala Harris. 

Their choices outside of Biden aren’t good at this point, and Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) has been warning them that they’re going to lose with him. “My party is completely delusional,” he said. 

However, as I said, it just keeps getting worse. On Tuesday, Biden got busted with an extensive script to answer questions from mayors at the Winter Conference of Mayors at the White House last week. But even with that, the event was a festival of failure which shows you how bad things are. 

Then, later on Tuesday, Biden went to Manassas, Virginia for a campaign event to whip up the abortion vote. It was a pretty scripted event. Even so, he got interrupted by anti-Israel protesters at least 13 times and he stepped in it with his election denialism comment, calling Terry McAuliffe, the “real governor” of the state. The real governor Republican Glenn Youngkin made him look silly in response. 

But Biden also had another one of those moments where he says something that makes no sense — where you have to wonder what he said, and does he even know himself? And the slurring just keeps getting worse. This is troubling stuff. 

“We’ll teach Donald Trump a, uh, valuable lesson,” he slurred. That’s when it went over the slide. 

“Don’t mess with thewolmanamarka unless you wanna get the ben…,” he said. 


Now, I think he’s trying to say, “Don’t mess with the women of America unless you want to get the benefit.” But what does that even mean, if that’s what he was trying to say? 

That’s the problem. So much of what he says makes no sense, even if you can figure out the words. Moreover, you could argue Trump gave women more of a voice because the decision of the Supreme Court put the decision back where it should have been to begin with — with the states, and the women in those states, to decide. But again, facts. Biden doesn’t seem to care much about those. 

If you look at the people clapping behind him when he says whatever it is that he said, in some ways that’s the bigger problem. They’re clapping even though they have no idea what he said either. They don’t care, they’ve just been told to clap and cheer. I think this is part of that delusion Dean Phillips was talking about. They have their heads in the sand about Biden. 

Some well-known examples from the past. What must the world think? 

Add the incoherence to the bad policies, and why would anyone vote for this? 

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