Is UFC the Only Sport Where Free Speech Has Survived?

In a move almost unheard of in modern sports leagues, Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White took a firm stand in favor of free speech and against the noxious trend of midwit, agenda-driven reporters attempting to bully someone into denouncing someone else. The scene was the post-fight press conference for an event in Toronto, Canada, where middleweight Sean Strickland headlined defending his title against Dricus du Plessis.  

One might have expected the main topic to be controversial scoring by judges giving Du Plessis a 2-1 victory. But this was Canada, and the last thing the press were interested in was the fight because there was urgent virtue that needed signalling. The topic of interest was a robust exchange of views between Strickland and a fan on “X,” the social media platform formerly called Twitter two years ago.

It can’t be said to have started off at an intellectual level. If you aren’t familiar with the term “thot,” you can thank me later by signing up for the Townhall VIP program.

Strickland’s reply is what caused the outrage.

Strickland was challenged and then threw aside the “first rule of holes” and applied the “zero f***s left to give” principle.

When a Canadian reporter demanded an answer from Strickland in a pre-fight press conference, Strickland gave a master class in how to handle “gotcha” questions.

The alphabet people got no satisfaction. When they went to ESPN to find out why they had allowed Strickland to speak in such a manner and whether ESPN would be denouncing the at-the-time UFC middleweight champion, ESPN basically told them to FOAD.

The reporter, who sounds remarkably like the guy who had the invigorating debate on the cause of the destruction of civilization — but he may just be another gender-questioning Canadian, started off by saying, “I just want to go back, you were talking about, you obviously give a long leash to your fighters about what they can say when they are up there with the UFC microphone, and you are getting into territory of homophobia, transphobia, like, is there…”

At that point White lowered the boom.

This nonsense of demanding denunciations and letting whiny little brats who have nothing better to do with their time than try to silence people whom they dislike get away with their bullying has to stop. The best way to stop them is to tell them to STFU and go away. These people aren’t operating in anything approaching good faith. The sole purpose is to control language and control the social narrative. 

White showed that you don’t have to endorse speech to protect it, as did Strickland’s colleagues. The people truly offended by Strickland can resort to the marketplace and refuse to watch UFC or consider the sage advice of David Chappelle.

Sports and business need more Dana White’s who won’t be pushed around by people who are only interested in collecting scalps for clicks or donations. The country, collectively and indivisually, would be better off.

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