Former British MP Captures the Pro-Palestinian Side in One Tweet. It’s Horrifying.

They’re not beating around the bush anymore regarding their position in Israel. In the wake of the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip following the brutal terror attacks committed by Hamas, the pro-Palestinian/Hamas side has been going ballistic. They’ve held numerous rallies worldwide, blocked bridges, attempted to shut down airports, and harassed innocent Jewish bystanders. 

They’ve targeted their businesses. It’s not about Israel—it’s about antisemitism. It’s always been that way at its core, though for years, it’s been shielded as an academic disagreement regarding the founding of the Jewish state. Now, these people are just openly pro-terrorist. Take former British MP Chris Williamson, who said that Israel must be destroyed, ‘dismantled’ like apartheid South Africa or Nazi Germany, adding that it should have never been created in 1948: 

And this isn’t the first time Williamson has landed in hot water for sharing anti-Israel remarks. He was investigated for possibly committing a hate crime on social media by police last October. And yes, he said, at the time, Israel had “forfeited” the right to exist (via BBC): 

Like the chant ‘from the river to the sea,’ saying a state has forfeited its right to exist or should be dismantled is a sanitized call for genocide. Mr. Williamson is another anti-Israel individual who exposed what these people want in the end—and it’s horrifying.

Side Note: Mr. Williamson knows that Arab Israelis exist, they vote, they can be elected to office, and they have been confirmed to the Supreme Court of Israel. It was an Arab jurist who sent former PM Ehud Olmert to jail on corruption charges. There is no separate transportation system for non-Jews in Israel. Every talking point aimed at painting Israel as an apartheid state gets debunked by the fact that Israel is a free, democratic society. You can read the laws online, sir. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just a bigot, and those folks have been coming out of the woodwork to lend their support to a bunch of bloodthirsty terrorists. 

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