That’s Gonna Leave a Mark: Tiffany Justice Demolishes Joy Reid on Her Own Show (Watch)

Matt Walsh may stir up some controversy on the right from time to time, but he is also highly skilled at dismantling leftist propaganda. And he does it seemingly effortlessly because he has figured out the key (as evidenced in his hit documentary ‘What Is A Woman?’). Never accept their terms or conditions and keep your arguments very simple. Perhaps one of the most instructive pieces of advice he gives to conservatives is simply this: Ask the left to defend their positions. Just ask them simple, pointed questions. That’s all. Universally, you will find that they cannot.

This tactic was on full and beautiful display last night as Tiffany Justice, co-founder of Moms For Liberty, appeared on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show The Reid Out to discuss so-called ‘book bans.’ 


This is Matt Walsh 101: Justice refuses to even accept Reid’s premise that books are being banned. Because, in fact, they are not. Anywhere. 

Justice then demolishes Reid’s argument with a very simple analogy: if it’s OK for children in schools to learn about pornographic subjects in books, why is Internet access in school libraries restricted from allowing children to see that same content online? 

Reid, of course, has no answer. She tries to change the subject at the very end of the clip. 

Now, we don’t think Reid is a skilled debater, but it does take courage for Justice to go on her show. Everyone knows that cable news hosts, if nothing else, can control and manipulate the conversation in their segments. So, yes, kudos to Justice for meeting Reid on her own turf … and obliterating her dishonest ‘arguments.’

Oh, but wait … there’s even more. 

During the segment, Reid also tried to challenge Justice’s expertise to determine what is appropriate for school libraries, and also accused her and Moms For Liberty of taking excerpts from inappropriate books ‘out of context.’

‘In what context is a strap-on dildo acceptable for public school?” 

Again, Reid has no response. This clip ends before we can hear Reid’s ‘answer,’ but if you watch the full interview on YouTube, you will see that her next words aren’t to respond to Justice’s question, but to try to grill Justice on her knowledge about details of the book. Chalk up another fail for Reid, since Justice IS able to provide those details (though she admitted not being able to recall a few specifics). 

Tiffany Justice: 3. Joy Reid: 0. 

Not only doesn’t she care, she’s a coward. After her interview with Justice, Reid brought on two more MSNBC leftists, Ali Velshi and Susan Del Percio, to try to twist the interview against Moms For Liberty. But anyone who watched the actual segment knows that Reid got her hind parts handed to her on a plate. 

Not a very high bar in either case — intelligence or viewers — but Justice still owned Reid through the whole interview. 

Yes, we’re pretty sure that, in addition to restricting internet access to pornography in school libraries, schools also aren’t stocking many NC-17-rated movies for kids. 

At least we hope they aren’t. 

That’s OK. Reid only makes herself look more like a fool when she does this. The mask is off the corporate media and everyone sees it. 

That is how it’s done indeed. Again, the method is very simple: just ask the left questions. Easy questions. (And make sure it is recorded and available for the public to see.)

When they can’t answer, they reveal who they really are. And none of it is good. 

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