Obama’s Leaked Confession Could Spell the End for Biden

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New evidence confirms there’s a storm brewing in the Democratic Party.

A source from Barack Obama’s inner circle just leaked that the former president is worried that Biden “very well could lose.”

Meanwhile, David Axelrod – a key political strategist for Obama – warned Biden that his campaign needed to ramp up ASAP or he should drop out of the race altogether.

“I understand [Biden] was irritated because I raised concerns that many, many Democrats had,” said Axelrod. “And again, my feeling is either get out or get going.”

But Obama and Axelrod are not alone in this assessment.

A Wall Street insider and frequent guest at Mar-a-Lago recently went public with a new election prediction that points to Biden getting removed from the ballot as soon as August 19.

In his place, a controversial “shadow candidate” will emerge who stands to usher in a wave of liberal policies and regulations not seen since FDR. (View the full analysis here.)

For decades, the insider behind this prediction has helped the financial elite avoid some of the worst financial bloodbaths in American history – including the Black Monday crash in 1987, the dot-com crash in 2000, and even the 2008 financial crisis.

His name is Louis Navellier, and he’s managed over $1 billion in private client money.

These days, when he delivers a message about how to invest, he gets attention.

Even though he frequently appears on national news to deliver his expertise, Navellier recently posted a new video that’s going viral online.

Inside, he shares a disturbing forecast for 2024 that could send an earthquake through our country’s economy, financial system, and your wallet.

His message also reveals the immediate steps you need to take.

If you’re concerned about what’s happening to this country, you’re going to want to see what Navellier has to say. (His message is available here for a limited time.)

Within the first 30-45 seconds, you’ll see revelations that will change everything about America.

We can’t promise that viewing this will be easy. But it could help you stay safe.

To discover Louis Navellier’s new 2024 election prediction, click here right now.

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