Anti-Israel Protester Disrupts Abbott Event, Finds It’s Not Good to Mess With Texans

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was campaigning for a Republican candidate, Candy Noble, at the Lucas Christian Academy in Lucas, Texas on Saturday. 

Noble is running for re-election to the Texas House. Abbott is out promoting her and other House candidates.

However, there were anti-Israel activists there in the audience who then disrupted the campaign event. One of them was quickly ushered out by police. But when Gov. Abbott began to call out Hamas and declared that it was a “terrorist organization,” a protester in the audience started yelling that the IDF were terrorists too. That’s when a melee broke out in the audience, as multiple people were battling with the guy to get him out of the room. It did not go well for him, as he was physically picked up and tossed out  of the place by the people. 

Warning for graphic language: 

It was definitely the wrong room to try such a thing in, and even with some of the people looking elderly, Texans showed they will quickly dispatch anyone causing such a disturbance. You don’t play with them or it’s not going to end well. 

Exactly what did this guy think he was going to achieve by screaming during a political event? I’m not sure. That’s the thing about these kinds of “protests” — they’re so ridiculously pointless. Yet they think they are doing something so noble because they want a ceasefire. But a ceasefire, if you had one at this point, would just leave Hamas terrorists in place. The activists are just antagonizing people who can’t change anything about what’s going on in Gaza. But they don’t seem to care much about that, they just seem fixated on the chaos. 

We saw that big time with anti-Israel activists storming the White House on Saturday night. They were throwing things like water bottles and sticks at the Secret Service and the police, pushing the White House security fence so hard that they breached it, as they shouted “F**k Joe Biden” and to “Break it down.” Fortunately, there was the regular inner, more permanent fence. It got so out of hand they relocated some of the staff of the White House. 

Biden wasn’t even there, he was on yet another vacation, at Camp David. So he wasn’t even going to hear them. All they were going to do was potentially get arrested, although that might be less likely in D.C. than in Texas. So much for such tactics. 

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