Biden Does Some Laughable Gaslighting About the US Having the ‘Best Economy’ in New Interview

The Biden team has been limiting his contact with media for a long time. 

As part of the new strategy that they’re going to employ, they’re going to have him out meeting the people more, and doing smaller podcast-type interviews. They think that’s going to help sell him and get past the age problem.

That didn’t work out very well when they ran him around to various stores in the Allentown, Pennsylvania, area and he looked very bad, and contradicted himself on the Houthis, and other subjects. 

They also had him do a very short interview with historian Heather Cox Richardson, who was asking him questions about his Valley Forge speech on January 6. You would think a historian might question Biden’s effort to compare himself to George Washington, but her “interview” seemed to consist of nodding while he talked. No piercing questions here, just a couple of softballs. 

She asked what George Washington’s effort at Valley Forge meant to him. Among the things he said in his rambling answer was it meant that it was “this idea that you treat people with respect.” This came after he just demonized millions of Americans and his political opponent as “threats to democracy.” Richardson didn’t push back on that with Biden. 

Then Biden moved on to the economy–and a gaslighting festival. 

Biden said:

You’ve got the best economy of any economy in the world right now. And that literally is true, but people turn on the television and what do you hear? Everything’s negative! Even the good stuff ends up negative! And a lot of it is negative!

I think this has to be one of the things that most annoys Americans about Biden, his disregard for the truth and a disregard for the American people. He’s saying people are just deceived by the media into having a bad opinion of the economy. It isn’t because they’re having to pay more for everything. Most people know how much they are spending for groceries and gas. Many know they can no longer afford to buy a house at this time because of the incredibly high interest rates. Biden can’t appreciate any of this, as he headed to his umpteenth vacation this weekend to Camp David. 

Yes, a lot of things have been negative since Biden came into office, with higher prices and more wars. He doesn’t even seem to understand what he’s saying by admitting that. Media analyst Joe Concha commented on X:

Congratulations America! You have the best economy in the world right now… And apparently you’re too stupid to know it.

Biden is so unaware of how the economy works, and those everyday expenses that we pay, that he thinks we are paying $30 to check on our account balances. He also has claimed that “everyone was going better” and “they know it.” 

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