Moore to the Point – What the Heck Is Hunter’s End Game?

I was offline most of Wednesday on a puppy rescue mission (which I hope to share the story of at some later date), so I missed the commotion surrounding Hunter Biden’s Capitol Hill hearing appearance fiasco. I did, of course, read up on it a bit once I had a moment.

And I’m left with one burning question: What the heck is Hunter’s end game here? Aside from making a scene (literally) for the “documentary” his sugar bro Kevin Morris is making. (Lawyer, film producer, First Scion benefactor – that dude wears a lot of hats!) 

Here’s my working theory: Hunter wants to force the GOP’s hand. He’s in the wrong. He knows he’s in the wrong. But he has literally nothing to gain by complying with the subpoenas. But if, in his arrogant impudence, he can force them to “pounce” — say, attempt to have him arrested in some dramatic fashion — then he can play the victim card and bemoan the fact that it’s all political — a narrative many in the media are all too happy to embrace. 

I don’t know — that makes about as much sense as any other explanation I can conjure. Maybe it’s folly to expect anything related to the dysfunctional Biden clan to make sense. Come to think of it, perhaps nonsense is their true brand. 

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