Fetterman Lights Up South Africa and the Anti-Israel Activists With an Epic Rebuke

It’s been something else to watch the leftist/anti-Israel mania since the attack on the country on Oct. 7. In virtually any other situation, people would recognize the right of a country to defend itself after a dastardly attack. But Israel seems to be the only country required to fight with its hands tied behind its back because of this mania. 

Joe Biden goes along with this, as we saw during his comments at the Mother Emanuel AME Church. When anti-Israel activists started shouting and disrupting the church, Biden was quick to placate these characters, saying he was working with Israel to “reduce” and get them out of Gaza. 

The more you act like a pushover, the more the activists push.

But we’ve seen quite a different response from another Democrat, Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA). The changes evident in Fetterman 2.0 have been dramatic and fascinating to watch unfold. He’s not only rejected progressivism but seems to be unafraid to call out his own party and make sense, even when they don’t. It’s been a welcome sight. 

I don’t know about most popular in America, but it’s a reminder that once upon a time, you did have centrist Democrats. He’s blasted the crisis at the border, and he’s also called out Harvard, saying they were always a little “pinko” but now are almost unrecognizable. It’s hard to imagine any other Democrat saying that. 

But one of the areas he’s stood up to the left with particular fervor has been against the anti-Israel activists. 

Somehow, they’ve managed to get South Africa to try to bring a case for genocide against Israel before the International Court of Justice. Now, that’s ridiculous, particularly given that it’s Hamas, Hezbollah, and a bunch of other terrorist groups who are the ones who want to “genocide” Israel. 

Fetterman wasn’t having any of that, and he delivered a shot that’s getting a lot of attention. 

Writer Dovi Safier posted a video that appeared to be from the OU Advocacy Center luncheon on Wednesday. 

First, Fetterman called Hamas “cowards.” Then, he had a few words for South Africa.  

They hide in tunnels. They hide behind civilians. They attack, kill, and mutilate children, women. and they do that. Stop talking about proportion on that. They shot their best shot on Oct. 7, and they would’ve taken more lives if they could’ve do that. But they couldn’t do it…Now we’re talking about genocide…now South Africa now is bringing that kind of a trial. Maybe South Africa…outghta sit this one out when they’re talking about  criticizing…sit it out! 

People also believed that this was a shot, hitting South Africa for genocide against white farmers. And they just marveled at the transformation. 

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