IDF Closing In on Hamas Leader, Posts Great Troll – Party at Sinwar’s House!

Looks like things are heating up even more on Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar.

I reported previously how the IDF found a secret tunnel under Sinwar’s “safe house” and blew it to kingdom come. It ended very well, with an explosion that was a thing of beauty. 

BACKGROUND: WATCH: IDF Finds Secret Tunnel Under Hamas Leader’s ‘Safe House,’ Blows It to Kingdom Come

Now, the IDF is closing in on him even more, and they’ve thrown a little trolling at him into the bargain. They went to his house and took pictures, including of them sitting on his furniture. 

“We are at your place, Sinwar, where is the coffee? Is this how you receive guests?” they asked.  

They reported before that they knew he was in the south, likely in Khan Younis, and now according to new reports, the IDF knows where he is hiding. But he’s using some of the surviving hostages as human shields, so any mission to get him is going to have challenges. That’s inhibiting their possible options. 

The post continued:

….because he has surrounded himself with many of the remaining living Israeli hostages who are serving as human shields.

What a slimy, cowardly human being Sinwar is. But that’s why the Hamas leaders are still holding onto some of the hostages — as a last-ditch shield to protect themselves; that’s why they kidnapped them. And that means Israel is going to have to figure out a way to get around that or maybe take a targeted rescue. But they can only do that, probably, after they’ve secured all the area around him to maximize their chances of getting the hostages out. 

Sinwar owes his life to Israel, but that hasn’t turned him away from being a terrorist. The only reason that Sinwar is probably alive is that when he was in prison for murdering Israelis in the past, he was given life-saving brain surgery. He was let out of prison in a prisoner exchange for Gilad Shalit in 2011. Then he repaid Israel for saving his life with the Oct. 7 attack. 

But once they take him out, then the dominoes may fall very quickly on Hamas. 

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