An Astonishing 81 Percent of Dems Think Trump’s Name Should Be Removed From Ballots

Ever since Donald Trump came down the golden escalator in 2015, Democrats have been shrieking about how he is a “danger to democracy” and how MAGA threatens the very foundations of our republic. Listen to President Joe Biden Friday angrily rail on about how Trump wants to destroy America as we know it:

Biden Delivers Angry Attack on Trump and Jan. 6 in Valley Forge Speech, but Trips Over Reality

But in the real world, it appears that most Democrats don’t truly believe in democracy, or at least how it’s actually supposed to work. A new CBS News/YouGov poll shows that an astonishing 81 percent of Dems think that Trump’s name should be removed from ballots this presidential election, presumably because they think he’s guilty of violating the 14th Amendment by inciting an insurrection on J6.

The former president has neither been charged nor convicted of insurrection, so how could they possibly think that his name should be removed? Quite simply, they want to win, and win at any cost, and they don’t care about what damage it does to our system.

The Supreme Court will decide in short order on cases in Maine and Colorado about the efforts to remove Trump’s name from the GOP primary ballot.

The poll has some other interesting results: disapproval over the J6 protests has fallen, especially among Republicans. The Democrats’ “it was worse than Pearl Harbor” narrative appears to have lost steam.

Meanwhile, 49 percent of those surveyed thought that there “will be violence” over presidential election losses in the future, and a disturbing 70 percent thought the U.S. Democracy was “threatened.” 

However, one question I don’t see is, “why do you consider our democracy to be threatened?” Since it’s a CBS poll, you can assume that they thought everyone who felt it was threatened thought Donald J. Trump was the reason behind their concern. But the reality is, a large number of that 70 percent is likely voters like me, who consider the tyrannical current president, his corrupt, weaponized Department of Justice, and people like the 81 percent who think a presidential candidate should be taken off ballots simply because they don’t like him represent the true threats to our republic.

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