Disney Star Mark Ruffalo Shares Fake AI-Generated Trump ‘Epstein Island’ Images — Gets Slammed

Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo has spread fake, AI-generated images with his 8.2 million X followers of former President Donald Trump that falsely depict Trump on an airplane “headed to Epstein Island.”

Ruffalo, who has played the Hulk in multiple Disney Marvel blockbuster movies, shared the images Thursday from a pro-Biden account on X, formerly Twitter.  The AI generated images show Trump posing with a group of young blonde females.

As of Friday morning, there has been no Community Notes correction attached to either Ruffalo’s post or the original post.

Numerous commenters have slammed Ruffalo, pointing out the images are clearly fake.

The fake images come as former President Bill Clinton’s name has appeared repeatedly in documents released this week regarding the late convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. In one unsealed deposition, Jeffrey Epstein allegedly told one of his victims that Bill Clinton likes girls “young.”

This isn’t the first time Mark Ruffalo has fallen for a hoax designed to hurt Trump.

Last year, he was one of several Hollywood celebrities who spread former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s discredited accusations that then-President Trump physically attacked two Secret Service agents in an attempt to grab the steering wheel of the presidential vehicle on January 6, 2021.

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  1. Democrats can’t find evidence Trump committed a crime so they created the Russia Collusion hoax and the Steel dossier. Democrats can’t find evidence of Trump going to Epsteins Islsnd so they generate fake photos. There isn’t evidence of systemic racism so Bubba Wallace reports loops on a garage door puul to the FBI as a threatening noose. There isn’t any evidence of racism or gay bashing by MAGA Republicans so Jussie Smollett invents the story of being attacked at 2am in Chicago in a blizzard by White guys wearing MAGA hats yelling about Blue State Illinois and Blue State Chicago being “MAGA Country”.

    It seems that America and MAGA aren’t evil enough for Democrat rhetoric so they have to manufacture it knowing their constituents will buy it hook, line and sinker.

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