Trouble in Paradise: Biden Campaign Staffers Mutiny Over Israel and Hamas

There’s trouble in paradise over at Joe Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign. On Wednesday, an open letter was published by current campaign staffers demanding the president institute a “permanent ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas, even as the latter continues to take offensive action and refuses to surrender. 

It was published by “Medium” and is written by “Biden Campaign Staff for Ceasefire Now.” They aren’t even trying with these names anymore, but regardless, the contents will have you shouting through your screen. A quick look at the five different demands shows the moral bankruptcy on display. 

1. Publicly call for — and use financial and diplomatic leverage to bring about — an immediate, permanent ceasefire;

Let’s game this out. How exactly do you garner a “permanent ceasefire” with a terrorist organization that has continued to break every ceasefire it has been presented with? There was a ceasefire on the morning of October 7th before Hamas invaded Israel and butchered well over a thousand people. There have been multiple ceasefires during the current conflict, all broken by Hamas. 

This is an issue that the pro-Hamas “ceasefire now” fanatics never address. They pretend that Israel has a viable peace partner when they do not. There can be no ceasefire as long as Hamas still exists. If these lunatics want a ceasefire, they should be calling for Hamas to surrender. The fact that they won’t will be an obvious theme once you see all the demands. 

2. Advocate for de-escalation in the region, including demanding that Hamas release all hostages and that Israel release the over 2,000 Palestinians in administrative detention being held without charge

The last time Israel let Palestinian terrorists walk free, they committed the massacre on October 7th. There is no comparison between the innocent hostages taken by Hamas and Palestinian prisoners taken while committing terrorist acts. It is truly morally reprehensible that the “ceasefire now” clowns continue to draw one with a straight face. 

3. End unconditional military aid to Israel

The military aid sent to Israel is largely used to fund and replenish the “Iron Dome,” a completely self-defense-oriented system used to take down Hamas rockets. Keep in mind, those rockets are still being fired into populated areas this deep into the war. What the “ceasefire now” crowd is actually asking for is for Jews to die without a fight. 

4. Investigate whether Israel’s actions in Gaza violate the Leahy Law, prohibiting U.S. military aid from funding foreign military units implicated in the commission of gross violations of human rights

Isn’t it weird how they want Israel investigated as part of their demands but have yet to even mention Hamas? Again, there’s no call for Hamas to surrender. There’s no insistence that the terrorist government be investigated and sidelined. Instead, it’s all about Israel. 

5. Take concrete steps to end the conditions of apartheid, occupation, and ethnic cleansing that are the root causes of this conflict.

There is no apartheid, as evidenced by Israel’s population being 20 percent Arab. There is no occupation as evidenced by the fact that not a single Israeli, civilian or military, was present in Gaza before October 7th. Regardless, these claims of mass oppression and occupation always fail to mention that it was the Arabs (who conveniently started calling themselves “Palestinian” in the ’60s) who started and lost numerous wars resulting in their loss of territory. 

Lastly, there is no “genocide” or “ethnic cleansing” going on, at least not by the Israelis. Even if one is against the “settlements” in the West Bank, that is not “ethnic cleansing.” Of course, what’s ironic is that while the “ceasefire now” fanatics demand an end to “apartheid,” they subsequently demand apartheid in Gaza and the West Bank, opposing any Jewish presence. They are exactly what they claim to oppose. 

With all that said, Biden deserves every bit of this. I am supremely enjoying the far left eating its own. The Democrat establishment fed the alligator for short-term political gain, and now they can deal with the consequences. Good luck.

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