Israeli News Anchor Photographed Carrying Pistol While on Air

Israeli news anchor Lital Shemesh was photographed carrying a pistol in a waistband holster while on air Tuesday.

Shemesh is an anchor for local outlet Channel 14.

The Daily Mail reported Shemesh’s recent social media posts have been focused on her shooting at range and urging Israelis to “get your guns out.”

She is both a news anchor and an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) reservist who has spoken openly about fighting Hamas.

Following the October 7, 2023, Hamas terror attack Shemesh told FOX News, “The entire country is being recruited to fight this war against terrorism, to fight this war against Hamas.  We haven’t seen a slaughter like this in Israel in the 75 years of Israel’s existence. This is a second holocaust for us.”

As 2023 came to a close, Breitbart News pointed to a Times of Israel report that 500 to 600 Israelis were applying for a gun license each day.

According to the paper, “274,279 Israelis … filed for a handgun license…between October 7 and December 25.”

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  1. In reference to the reporter who was wearing a pistol while reporting. Good for her. Obviously she has been trained and authorized to have and wear one. My thoughts are in the climate that Isreal is in, its much better to have one an never use it, then to need one and not have one.
    Hamas are opportunist terrorists. They do not stand up well in any fight against trained equipped soldiers or individuals. There for they choose to use the more sensational targest like elderly men and women and children, even those of groups of people knowing full well they will not fight back. This makes their leadership cowards which is proven from the way they abandon their fighters and fled to neighborning nations which will tollerate theri presence. In my opinion, if I am still allowed to have one, Hamas has just dug themselves into a deeper untrustworthy hole when if they had behaved like civilized people they might have actually extabilsihed their own nation. For now, they are unworthy of such and event.

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