One Political Outfit Says Michigan Is a Toss-Up State in 2024 and I Can’t Stop Laughing

I guess after my earlier post today that was a tad bit more serious, it’s good to end the first day of the New Year with a good laugh.

That happened when I read this piece about my home state of Michigan magically becoming a toss-up state for either the Republican or the Democrat nominee to win in 2024. If I didn’t know any better I would swear that people or organizations that constantly refuse to look at results and data are Democrats in disguise trying to keep conservative Republicans in States like Michigan fed drunk and stupid. 

In other words, Michigan is a toss-up state like New York or California.

If you are one of those people who is going to counter and say BUT BUT BUT MICHIGAN WENT TO TRUMP in 2016 you are technically correct. However, out of close to 4.5 million votes totaled Trump won with just under 12,000 votes which is akin to a pimple on a gnat’s arse.

That means it was super close, and he got super lucky and it will be hard to duplicate, being the Democrats are paying attention this time.

I will go deeper into this in a moment but first, let’s see what the folks over at the Cook Political Report are doing for fun these days with what I read right here.

The nonpartisan Cook Political Report last week shifted Michigan’s presidential election from the “leans” Democrat category to “tossup,” citing in part President Joe Biden‘s “diminished” standing in the polls with FiveThirtyEight’s aggregation showing his job approval rating 17 points underwater.
The reasoning behind Michigan’s shift is pegged to the Israel-Hamas war dividing Democrats in the state. Cook’s Amy Walter cited the state’s substantial Arab American community, as well Democrats’ reliance on young voters in Michigan.
Michigan has among the largest communities of Arab Americans in the country, with over 300,000 residents of Middle Eastern or North African ancestry (though experts caution that census is likely an undercount).
Many are saying they’re furious at Biden’s deference to Israel and response to the civilian casualty rate in Gaza. Some claim they won’t support him for president if he doesn’t embrace calls for a cease-fire, even with former President Donald Trump being the dominant frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

This part is true, being the Arab community loves them some Democrats. 

Also, as you may have seen, the youngsters in this country have gone to college to become mouth-breathing oxygen thieves spouting off nonsense about Palestine being an occupied state which is also hogwash to the 10th degree just like Michigan being a toss-up state.

More from the article above:

“On its own, one Democratic strategist who does a lot of work in Michigan told me that a drop in support from Arab American voters, or a less than robust turnout from younger voters, wouldn’t doom Biden’s chances in the state,” Walters wrote.
“However, said this person, combine both of those factors and add in the prospect of third-party candidates draining even more of the vote, and you have a recipe for another narrow win by Trump.”

Here is what the analyst above conveniently leaves out.

When Trump won narrowly here in 2016 he had a fully functioning State party run by the person who is the national chairperson of the GOP, now Ronna Romney McDaniel. However, now you have a state party that is run by an undercover Democrat who has run the party into the ground and has no money, and they (party faithful) think they have all the time in the world to fix this — but the election is later this year.

I have covered this quite extensively here at RedState.

From the article above, I have zero idea how anyone thinks the GOP can help usher in a winning campaign when it is BROKE and won’t be able to pay people to do the GET OUT THE VOTE work leading up to November. 

As predicted, the end is approaching with a budget person jumping off the ship, by giving her resignation letter Thursday (and the story was covered right here). 

The Michigan Republican Party is considering how to deal with “imminent default” on its line of credit, according to a resignation letter from a member of the state GOP’s budget committee.
The message, obtained Thursday by The Detroit News, reveals the seriousness of the financial
problems facing a party in a battleground state a year before the 2024 presidential general election. Kristina Karamo, the Michigan GOP’s chairwoman, has struggled to raise money after rising to power in February while railing against the party’s “establishment,” including past donors.
Jessica Barefield of Livingston County serves on the Michigan Republican Party’s state committee, which features about 100 members. She also had been one of 13 Republicans on the influential budget committee, helping to oversee the finances. Barefield said in a resignation letter the budget committee had a Friday “emergency meeting” when the panel “was asked to weigh in on action steps regarding the imminent default on the line of credit,” indicating the party is struggling to meet its obligations to pay back its past debts.

The best part of this is that the party brass has an idea: sell the building that they abandoned back in February, which they do not own. Crackerjacker team we have here in Michigan.

During the Friday budget committee meeting, members of Karamo’s leadership team presented members with the idea of trying to sell the Michigan Republican Party’s former headquarters on Seymour Avenue in a bid to alleviate hundreds of thousands of dollars in outstanding debts.
However, the downtown Lansing building is owned not by the party but by a company controlled by a trust featuring former party chairs. And it appears, according to Ingham County records, that Karamo’s team won’t be able to force the property’s sale on its own.

While it’s a nice thought thinking that polling 600 to 1,500 possibly registered voters on who they would vote for and then determining that Michigan is a toss-up state, it is a far cry from the Democrats facing off against a functioning Republican Party to make it an actual toss-up state. Right now the Michigan GOP is just a rotting dead animal carcass on the side of the road that people slow down to look at and say, “Shouldn’t somebody do something about that?” Then they keep driving.

The Michigan Democrat Party has already targeted those youngsters and the people in the Arab American community. It will work them to death to make sure that they show up and vote in November for Joe Biden. 

Also, the Biden campaign will have no issue a month before the election stating that they’re pulling their support from Israel to make sure to put icing on the cake.

Anybody who truly believes Michigan is a toss-up state stopped dealing with the reality of what’s happening here a long time ago. This is why I read stories like the one above, and I start to laugh, but then I want to heave and start to cry.

I would love for it to be true but I would also really like for leprechauns to be real and for genies to pop out of a bottle to give me three wishes.

I know better though because I’m dealing with the reality of the situation as it is now, not how I wish it would be.


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