Did a COVID Vaccine Give This NY Firefighter a Heart Condition?

Since the pandemic is over, the horror stories from the COVID vaccine have dissipated. We also have Joe Biden serving as a serially incompetent president, his son’s rampant influence-peddling schemes, a lagging economy, inflation, and wars breaking out. We also had one of the worst wildfires in American history tear through Hawaii. The Biden presidency has been nothing but a factory of bad news, not least the possibility that he could win a second term. We’re still seeing the damage done by the vaccine mandates, like this New York City firefighter who was forced to retire after reportedly suffering severe side effects from the vaccine.

All first responders had to get the jab lest they want to lose their jobs when these cocktails first rolled out. This individual thought he would die the second time he was jabbed with the Pfizer vaccine. He was later forced to retire and was told he could never serve in the FDNY again. This story first appeared in late November (via NY Post): 

“O’Brian Pastrana now wants a judge to award him a more lucrative disability pension, which would pay three-quarters of his final salary tax-free, according to court papers. 
Pastrana, 37, got the jab in October 2021 because the city required it, and had an immediate allergic reaction, including swollen lips, chills and body aches. 
Despite three trips to the emergency room, he claims he was forced to get the second Pfizer shot a month later. 
“I thought I was going to die after that second dose,” Pastrana told The Post, adding he was again rushed to the ER after the second shot. 
By February 2022, the married father of two was diagnosed with myocarditis, which results in potentially fatal inflammation of the cardiac muscle, and was nearly in heart failure, court records show. 
Pastrana was then told he could never be a firefighter again, and forced to retire in March after over a decade on the job. 
“I was completely blindsided,” he wrote in a statement to the court. “To say I was devastated would be putting it mildly.” 
The shock turned to anger when Pastrana was given a paltry non-line-of-duty pension, which pays out less than half of what his $92,000 salary plus overtime would pay, he claimed. 
“Firefighter Pastrana’s case starkly reveals the city’s systemic failure to provide adequate support to firefighters who have sustained injuries due to the city’s vaccine mandate,” his lawyer Christina Martinez said. 
The FDNY Uniformed Firefighter Association called his injury “totally avoidable.” 

Myocarditis is listed as a rare side effect, but how many of these ‘died suddenly’ stories did we read about months after the vaccines became readily available? The deceased ranged from 18-40—that’s not a coincidence. The article adds that Pastrana is pushing to receive accidental disability pension benefits, which I hope he gets.

The first month aside, the overall response to the COVID pandemic was riddled with unbridled silliness, which peaked when the Omicron wave hit. That’s when everyone who didn’t get it, those who masked and got the first wave of shots, contracted the virus, which sent blue staters into a tailspin. Notice how the ‘he/she went outside, so irresponsible’ and general schadenfreude from those on the Left posted about those who contracted the virus, primarily unvaccinated, evaporated within days after Omicron hit. It was an airborne virus that was here before we started to lock things down. The spread and its mutation were inevitable. And still, most who contracted COVID survived. 

In the meantime, our kids got stupider, with test scores plummeting to their worst levels in 20 years. There’s no coming back from that, especially with the woke nonsense in the classrooms. And when another pandemic does hit, good luck selling what Herr Fauci was promoting daily.

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